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assalamu aliakum,i wana ask how to perform al ghusl because i read a collection of hadith but i see diffrent ways of performin al ghusl so i will want somebody to help me and tell me how to perform it

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The most common practice is: wash the genitals, then make normal Wudu, then the top of the body starting by the left side, the bottom (legs) starting from the left. At the end wash your head. Never forget "Bismillah" in the beginning and have in mind that is Ghusl. Some other practice is after Bismillah perform a shower of the whole body by insisting to well clean your genitals. Because this is the part of the body that generate the Ghusl.

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It is recomended to take a shower first so you can access and clean your genitals.


1 - Declare the intention for Wudhu in your heart.

2 - At-Tasmiyyah / Say 'Bismillah'(In the Name of Allah).

3 - Wash the right hand up to and including the wrists. Make sure to while rub and rub between the fingers of the hand. And thus make sure no part of the hand is left dry. Three times. Then do the same with the left hand. (also three times)

4 - Make a cup with the right hand then from this hand take water into your mouth and swirl it inside the mouth and then expel out of mouth. then sniff remaining water from the cupped right hand and sniff water into the nose and then blow the water out and using the left hand remove the water from your nose. Do this three times. Some people rinse the mouth first three times and then rinse the nose three times. However the first method is the most authentic.

5 - Wash the face three times, from the hairline to the jawbone and chin, and from start of the ear to start of the ear.

6 - Wash the right arm up to and including the elbow. Three times.

The arm extends from the fingertips, including the nails, to the lower part of the upper arm. It is essential to remove anything stuck to the hands before washing them, such as dough, mud, paint, nail polish etc, that could prevent the water from reaching the skin. Do the same with the LEFT ARM . Three times

7 - Wet your hands in water, Place both hands at the front of the head (beginning of hairline) and wipe the head backwards until you reach the nape. Then bring them back to the front of the head (beginning of hairline). This is done once only

With regard to a woman’s hair, she should wipe it whether it is loose or braided from the front of her head to the roots of the hair at the nape and then bring forward as above, but she does not have to wipe the entire length of her hair.

8 - Clean the ears by inserting the tips of the index fingers into the ears. Twist them round the folds of the ears. Then wipe the back of the ears with your thumbs. From bottom of the ear upwards. ONCE ONLY (for each ear)

9 - Wash the right feet up to and including the ankles, three times. You should enter the water between the toes with your little finger and then wash the foot (note not wipe feet but wash them) and make sure you wash the sole of the foot and heals. Make sure no parts of the foot is left dry

Wash the left feet same as the right foot also three times.

Hope this helped you :)

Salam (Peace)

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