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I am a 19 year old Muslim. I beleive in Islam and alllah 110% but I have sinned so badly. I regrettably got a tattoo and I got a Christian girl pregnant. I truly regret everything I did I haven't even brought myself to tell me parents yet because I can't seem to face them and tell them. I really need to know if I can still repent? Or if there's anything I can do to change what ive done, or make it better? I want to repent but don't feel like I can. Please give me some advice.

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If you are truly sorry for what you have done and have intentions to change and never do those things again, then that is repentance.

"Do not despair of God's mercy; He will forgive you of all your sins". (39:53).

"And He wishes to forgive you" (4:146).

"Except those who repent, have faith and good deeds, those Allah will charge their sins for good deeds. Certainly Allah is most forgiving and merciful." (25:70)

"Those (are the true believers) who, when they commit an evil deed, or wrong their souls, remember Allah, and seek forgiveness for their sins - and who but Allah forgives sins? They do not insist upon the sins they have committed, and they know (that Allah is forgiving)." (3:135)

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