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Why muslim are afraid to give salaam to others muslim?

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may i ask how you got arabic as the title

(Mar 01 '12 at 01:50) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

usually i use my iphone to use the arabic.

(Mar 02 '12 at 21:56) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

Assalamualaikum to friends, brothers, sisters and to all muslim.

(Mar 21 '12 at 00:06) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image


The reason why this happens and no one hardly gives salam to each other is because of shaitan who is the enemy of mankind and he does not want to see the Muslims succeed and the reason been is when one gives salam and says, [Asalamu alaikum] firstly your asking Allah that He grants that person [Darul-Salam] in Jannah and this is what the shaitan does not want us to achieve and secondly when you give salam there is a blessing in it and that is Allah brings the hearts together closer and by doing this they achieve unity and this is what the shaitan does not want us to reach.

You see salam is not something we say for the sake of saying it but rather it has wider and deeper meaning and this is what the Muslims are not aware of it because for every saying there is a root, a meaning and a result and this is what is missing from the Muslims,

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Waalaikumusalam ya caabi.. Alhamdulillah.. Your answer is good. As you see from salaam, not only we can unite also we can be together and help each other to live a better life on search His mercy upon us. InsyaAllah..

(Mar 03 '12 at 22:22) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

why should anybody be afraid of saying salam? whats the problem about saying hello in a gently way ? its very foolish to be scared of something which is sawab.. very foolish

And if sawab costs my life i gladly pay the pricce cause the life in earth doesnt mean so much to me.. i have only only 5 pillars in this life and then i have nothing to fear and specially not death.. the only people who are afraid of death is those who do not believe in allah and his almighty power! Those who worship saitain is afraid of death.. Allah will protect all muslims so dont fear death fellows.. do as much sawab as you can.. Dont let anybody let you down for doing sawab

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Assalamualaikum ya Sahak, thank you for answering my question. Im agree with u some point. But im sorry not agree with you regarding life in this world/earth doesnt mean to you.. We as muslim, must be thankful to Allah Azza Wa Jalla of what and everythings we have in this shortime life we have in this world..Alhamdullilah..

(Mar 02 '12 at 21:22) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

I think he meant he willing to pay the price for showing he is a muslim in public and he isnt afraid to die because he is a true muslim and dosent get attached to worldy belongings yes we should be thankful that we are living but we also should be thankful when we die because that is one step closer to being by allah and we are escaping the worldy pressures desires tests and sorrows

(Mar 02 '12 at 21:54) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Assalamualaikumm NesreenA, thank you for giving feedback. I understand what was presented by Mr Sahak. but, I as a Muslim brother, would like to remind you about things that can destroy our faith as Muslims. not mean that we should argue about different opinion. but we should remember each other as long as life in this temporal world. well what it all comes from Allah Taala, and what is worse is the lack of my own. Waallahutaalaalam ..

(Mar 02 '12 at 22:10) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

my point is that i rather suffer here being a good muslim than being shy over my sawabs, cause we have to remember the reason why we got here in the first place.. This is a test and I do anything to complete it

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Assalamualaikum Sahak, i understand now.. And remember brother, be patient to all of His test.. InsyaAllah..

(Mar 03 '12 at 06:08) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

i usually do when i pass by a muslim but most of the time if they are my age and we are shopping they dont reply most youth this generation and people raised around western people are afraid to wht people around them say im not ashamed and when people dont reply i heard that the angels reply back not really sure its true but i hope it is

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السلام عليكم NesreenA. Do not give up in giving salaamm. I commend you to do it calmly. because of the greeting that we can know that someone believed in Him. of Adam, a longer has a practice of good salaam.

(Mar 01 '12 at 01:09) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

Abu Huraira reported, The Messenger, He will make the Adam in the first creation of the earth is like it looks, height was threescore cubits. After he finished there, He will say to him: Go to the groups of angels who are sitting. Listen to the answers they say salammu. That's how you and your descendants will give way salam (honor). So Adam went to the angel group, and he say salaam: Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you). answered the angels: Assalamualaika warahmatullah (peace be upon you also, and receive mercy from الله). Word from الله: Everyone who enters paradise is shaped like Adam. Height was threescore cubits, even existence, then the shorter until now.

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asalaam aleykum


Why muslim are afraid to give salaam to others muslim?

..u mean other Muslims?

if it is so i don't think we are afraid but most probably it depends at place and time...

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