This Topic (I said that because I will ask more than one question) is referring to the question if you did read the conversation between me and Mr Abduallah2011 you will see that he and I had been agreed that i will expose him which hadiths and verses that I dont understand or dont like...hope it will help you in your life too..(by the way I left Islam and denied the existence of God for a long period, but after talking with Abduallah2011 who showed me the meaning of Surat Al-Room, I've been convinced that no one can revele the lowest part of the earth to Mohammed if it wasn't a God!!...and as you know 1400 years ago there were no tech to dicover this, Now i'm looking for the true things about hadiths and Koran and want to understand them more.

@Abduallah2011: Here you go and let's start with Koran (I know that you're not the best shcolar in the world but I'm intersted by your point of view my friend)


I dont have any prob with this surat, it was totaly understood. (AlhamduliLah)


Fisrt question:

In this surat Allah said:

who believe in this Revelation (the Qur'an) which is sent to you (O Muhammad) and the Revelations which were sent before you (Torah, Psalms, Gospel...) and firmly believe in the Hereafter.[4]

My question is how can we believe in the relevations which were sent before Mohammed (God bless him) even if we didnt read them and that nowdays we have only the corrupted copy of these can we believe in them if we dont know what they say? (we believe in Koran because we read it, so how about Torah, Psalms, Gospel...)??

Thank you in advance!

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do you know how should you be completely Beliver ?

1- to believe in Allah

2- to believe in Angels

3- to believe in all prophets that said in the Quran

4- to believe in prophets' books (Gospel Torah ) ... so if i didn't believe in Jesus so iam not muslim ... why .. becuase allah chose jesus to be prophet but we believe that the Gospel is corrupted ... and itsn't condition to know about there books :D ... you believe that you have a brain but you dont know what it contains :D

5- to believe in the day of judgment

6- to believe in tha fate

sry for my english

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well, who to believe in the previous books? we believe in it and in those prophets because of the quran itself, the quran told us that Allah revealed torah to moses, psalms to david and gospel to isa ibn maryam peace to be upon all, so we believe that Allah sent these prophets and he revealed these books to them, so we believe generally in those prophets and books without seeing them or reading them, our source of belief is the quran itself, because the quran told us about there was prophets called david, jesus, moses and books called torah, gospel , psalms it's for us unseen like the angels, do we see them? no but we believe in them because the quran told us there's angels, do we see hell or heaven? no but the quran told us there;s hell and heaven, all of that is unseen for us and we believed in it without seeing or reading them

how to believe in them while they are corrupted? this is a good question, quran didn't ask you to believe in the corrupted books because the quran who told us that Jews and christian corrupted these books Allah said "So woe to those who write the "scripture" with their own hands, then say, "This is from Allah ," in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn." 2:79 and said "And [mention, O Muhammad], when Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Scripture, [saying], "You must make it clear to the people and not conceal it." But they threw it away behind their backs and exchanged it for a small price. And wretched is that which they purchased" 3:187 and because of that Allah sent prophet mohamed peace upon him with the quran and he promised that Allah will be his guardian because it's the last god's testament to the mankind

so summarize what above, the original books is one of the unseen to us like angels, the hereafter, heaven, hell, other prophet, Allah himself is unseen for us, but we believe in him because of his signs and all of that we believe in because we believe in the quran and what it said, the current books are corrupted so we don't believe in it's contents except of what matched with the quran. i hope it's clearnow.

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yes that is clear, but i thoughts that we have to do and follow what they saying as we have to do with Koran... by the way why Allah send different books to his believers?? why didnt he sent just One that is avalaible for every generation (like what it said about Koran)? and why does Allah protected Koran and not the other books ( I think they must have been protected as they are very important) why just Koran??

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no we are asked to follow what in the quran and the prophet sayings only a lot of questions in one post Allah sent Moses to the sons of Israel, what did they do? they worship the calf and said to moses we will not believe till we see Allah by our own eyes, and then allah forgave them and gift them manna and quails, but they said we need onion and they were too stubborn , you will find that in surat albaqara in more details so Allah begin to punish them and make the law of them is too complicated, you know Jews are not allowed to eat cheese burger,

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because it's forbidden for them to eat milk with meat, so this law isn't suitable for all generations, many of it was due to punish the jews due to their stubborn Allah said "And to those who are Jews We prohibited every animal of uncloven hoof; and of the cattle and the sheep We prohibited to them their fat, except what adheres to their backs or the entrails or what is joined with bone. [By] that We repaid them for their injustice. And indeed, We are truthful" 6:146

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and then they disti\ort and corrupt the torah and hide many parts of it, then Allah sent Jesus to them, to remind them, to tell them that they are mistaken by being concering only about the outward and neglecting the inward but some of them rejected him and some make him a god and worship him instead of Allah, so will Allah leave the people astray?? no he sent mohamed to all the mankind including jews and christian, and Allah gave him the last testament that suitable for all generations, why?? because he's the last messenger and he's the only messenger that was sent to all of the mankind

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note that Moses and Jesus were sent to the sons of Israel only not to all the mankind like Mohamed peace to be upon all

why he protected quran only? i'll let that question to you to figure out it from my previous comments

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Because all the prophets(peace upon them) before Muhammad (peace upon him) did bring books and messages. What humans did with those book it's different story.

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Because before those books got twisted, they were sent by Allah to prophets before Muhammad, the final prophet (pbuh) As a true believer (Muslim) one must believe that those books were sent by Allah, however, the Qur'an tells us they were twisted, thus we do not follows their teachings.

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