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Hands, arms, face, feet, head and ears are washed before prayers-why not genitals?

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And the words of Allah the Almighty, "When you stand for the prayer, wash your faces and hands to the elbows and wipe your heads and wash your feet to the ankles." (5:6) Abu 'Abdullah (i.e. al-Bukhari) said, "The Prophet made it clear that the obligation of wudu' is to wash each part once. He also did wudu' by washing two and three times, but not more than three." The people of knowledge dislike extravagance in it and for people to exceed what the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, did.

It is related from 'Ata' ibn Yasar that when Ibn 'Abbas did wudu', he washed his face, took a handful of water and rinsed out his mouth and then cleaned his nose by sniffing up water and blowing out again. Then he took a handful of water and did like this, (putting his hands together and washing his face with them). Then he took a handful of water and washed his right arm. Then he took a handful of water and washed his left arm. Then he wiped his head. Then he took a handful of water and sprinkled it on his right foot until he had washed it. Then he took another handful of water and washed his left foot with it. Then he said, "This is how I saw the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, doing wudu'."

now answering your question

Those who thought that wudu' is only obligatory on account of something discharging from the front or back passages.

The words of Allah, "Or one of you comes from the lavatory." (5:6) 'Ata' said that if a worm comes out of someone's anus or discharge from the penis equal to the size of a louse, then he must repeat wudu'."

I only know about washing the hands,feet,face ,elbows as prophet MUHAMMAD (s.a.w) used to do ...and I clearly mentioned that to you..and ALLAH(swt) knows the best.

vote or award points if you are satisfied with my answer. u can even leave me with a feedback..may ALLAH rabbul izzat guide us to the straight path .AAMEEN.

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It's simple. Every time we go to toilet we are supposed to wash our genitals front and back. When we perform Wudu (ablution) we don't need to wash them again unless we farted in the meantime. Genitals are supposed to be maintained clean all the time.

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what a dirty answer???????!!!!!!!!

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