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Can I receive any gift from my relative, who's income is not halal?

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i feel its better u dont accpet such gift...may allah bless us is on the way...ameen

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It is lawful for you to eat from what your friends offer you even if they deposit their money in usury-taking banks. The Prophet was once invited in a Jewish woman's house and it is known that Jews deal in Riba. As a rule, it is lawful to eat from the food of a person whose earnings are a mixture of Halal and Haram. But it is unlawful to eat from the food of a person whose earnings are all from Haram or most of them are from Haram transactions. Allah knows best.

just have a look at this hadith

Gifts can be accepted from unbelievers because the Prophet used to accept gifts from unbelievers and offer them gifts. Ali narrated that "Caesar offered a gift to the Prophet and he accepted it from him, Kaiser also offered him a gift and he accepted it and other kings offered him gifts and he accepted them". [Ahmad and Al Tirmizi] Al Bukhari and Muslim also narrated that: "Once Ukaidar head of Dawmah presented the Prophet a Jubbah of Sundus(sarcenet)". However, some scholars disliked the gifts offered by unbelievers and even ordered not to accept it for the Hadith narrated by Ahmad, Al Tirmizi and Abu Dawood from Ayadh Ibn Himar offered a gift to the Prophet (a she camel). The Prophet said: "Did you become Muslim?" He replied: "No" The Prophet said: "I have been told not to accept presents from polytheists". Abdul Razaq also narrated from Ka'ab Ibn Malik that Amir Ibn Malik, the great knight, came to the Prophet and gave him a present. The Prophet said: "I do not accept gifts from a polytheist".

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