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Please is Suicide Bombing and Honour Killings allowed in Islam ???

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Suicide is Harram which means forbidden, prohibited. No matter what kind.

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Talib: Very insightful post. It deserves a re-read. Thank you and Jazaak-Allah.

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..Wa iyyak!

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it is matter of suicide and siucide means haram it will not be honored but surely punished at the judgement day. thanx

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There is no parallel between jumping on a grenade to save a comrade and strapping explosives to yourself to kill enemies and/or innocent bystanders. Also, I fail to see evidence to your Ottoman empire submarine analogy. Sounds like a point the finger,you started it campain aimed at "the west." The analogy I would like to draw is innocent lives being snuffed out as an act of war. It is no secret that respect for human life is lost when society breaks down and war breaks out. Have you ever heard of a war crime?

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Suicide is haraam

plus even IF you decided too do so

*You would kill innocents

*You would go to jahannam

*You would give non muslims MORE of a reason to hate/kill/persucute muslims

AND there is NO point since it is NOT halal

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