Please is Suicide Bombing and Honour Killings allowed in Islam ???

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Suicide is Harram which means forbidden, prohibited. No matter what kind.

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I dont think so

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You need to read Qur'an 4:74--9:111--2:207--61:10-12. Suiside is against Islam, Martyrdom is not. The end justifies the means. These verses speak of vast rewards. You need to think again.

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Suicide is haraam

plus even IF you decided too do so

*You would kill innocents

*You would go to jahannam

*You would give non muslims MORE of a reason to hate/kill/persucute muslims

AND there is NO point since it is NOT halal

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There is no parallel between jumping on a grenade to save a comrade and strapping explosives to yourself to kill enemies and/or innocent bystanders. Also, I fail to see evidence to your Ottoman empire submarine analogy. Sounds like a point the finger,you started it campain aimed at "the west." The analogy I would like to draw is innocent lives being snuffed out as an act of war. It is no secret that respect for human life is lost when society breaks down and war breaks out. Have you ever heard of a war crime?

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it is matter of suicide and siucide means haram it will not be honored but surely punished at the judgement day. thanx

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In war killing is allowed.. it is also allowed to defend yourself if anybody attacks you.. but it is not allowed to start a street fight for example.. suicide is not allowed either.

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Talib: Very insightful post. It deserves a re-read. Thank you and Jazaak-Allah.

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..Wa iyyak!

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The word "Honor Killing" does not exist in Islamic terminology. Essentially “Honor killing” is nothing more then a “Crime of Passion” which is euphemistically used in the west to describe such crimes.

"a crime in which the perpetrator commits a crime, especially assault, murder or rape, against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage or heartbreak rather than as a premeditated crime" Wiki

"a defendant's excuse for committing a crime due to sudden anger or heartbreak, in order to eliminate the element of "premeditation." This usually arises in murder or attempted murder cases, when a spouse or sweetheart finds his/her "beloved" having sexual intercourse with another and shoots or stabs one or both of the coupled pair. To make this claim the defendant must have acted immediately upon the rise of passion, without the time for contemplation or allowing for "a cooling of the blood."

Truly the philosophical basis of honor killing is nothing beyond what is stated in these definitions. In Asia, Africa and South America (in some cases) it extends to the children. Since the family unit is strong the honor of the family is the honor of the individual and the dishonor of the family is the dishonor of the individual or the tribe. Which is why they would abandon a family or an individual from that structure if they dishonor them, which essentially changes from culture to culture. The actions can become more drastic and heinous depending on the culture. Just recently a 7 year old girl was killed in a ritual sacrifice in India for better harvest

The point being it has nothing to do with Islam, which is why the killers never justify it through Islam by quoting selective Verses of the Quran or Hadeeth(Saying, actions of the Prophet(Peace be upon him)) or Fatwas(Islamic religious edicts)

Coming to "suicide bombings", i think it’s a matter of perspective. The people who commit them call them "Self sacrificial operations" where they strap a bomb to their body or take a car full of explosives and Ram them into a building or an enemy convoy etc. This usually happens as a result of an asymmetrical warfare where the enemy is overwhelmingly powerful in technology and weaponry. Also it is used as a tactic to preserve lives of fellow insurgents because it would result in more casualties if the fight was taken to the ground where the enemy can use advanced weapons and call in Air strikes.

Sacrificing ones self is not a new phenomenon at all. In fact we have examples of Marines jumping on Grenades to save the lives of the fellow marines.

Natan Elbaz from IDF Israel did it and received “Medal of Distinguished Service”

John Robert Osborn of the Canadian army was awarded the highest honor”Victoria Cross” for jumping on a grenade.

Michael A. Monsoor did the same for the American army in Iraq and received the medal of honor.

We have examples from Wars between India/Pakistan and Iran/Iraq where people strapped bombs to themselves to destroy tanks by lying under them when they passed.

Infact i would argue that Americans are the ones who introduced it in war tactics

It was September 4, 1804. The United States was at war with the Barbary pirates along the North African coast. The U.S. Navy was desperate to penetrate the enemy defenses. Commodore Edward Preble, who headed up the Third Mediterranean Squadron, chose an unusual stratagem: sending a booby-trapped U.S.S. Intrepid into the bay at Tripoli, one of the Barbary States of the Ottoman Empire, to blow up as many of the enemy’s ships as possible. U.S. sailors packed 10,000 pounds of gunpowder into the boat along with 150 shells.

When Lieutenant Richard Sommers, who commanded the vessel, addressed his crew on the eve of the mission, a midshipman recorded his words:

“‘No man need accompany him, who had not come to the resolution to blow himself up, rather than be captured; and that such was fully his own determination!’ Three cheers was the only reply. The gallant crew rose, as a single man, with the resolution yielding up their lives, sooner than surrender to their enemies: while each stepped forth, and begged as a favor, that he might be permitted to apply the match!”

This is a well documented fact and i believe no one is America would dare call Lieutenant Richard Sommers as a crazed individual as this was seen to be done in line of a noble cause. So it’s the perspective that counts here. Like they say one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Also one can see how it was received in the west when the The Pope said “The American commander, with a small force and in a short space of time, has done more for the cause of Christianity than the most powerful nations of Christiandom have done for ages!”

Infact I believe this inspired Al Qaeda to strap a boat with explosives and ram it into USS Cole in 2000.

If someone believes this was So 18th century, I would like to give a very recent example Of Oliver North a US veteran, a military historian and the host of War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News Channel narrated an episode on the Doolittle raid, an all-volunteer mission to bomb Tokyo shortly after Pearl Harbor. Since the bombers didn’t have enough fuel to return to their bases, the 80 pilots committed to what they expected to be a suicide mission. Most of them survived, miraculously, but they had been prepared for the ultimate sacrifice — and that is how they are billed today. “These are the men who restored the confidence of a shaken nation and changed the course of the Second World War,”

And of course who can forget the Kamikazes and The Tamil tigers.

After briefly touching its historical perspective, let’s come to the Islamic perspective. Islamically killing civilians has always been a NO NO with explicit commands from the Prophet(Peace be upon him) to leave women, children, religious monks(Religious leaders in general who chose to be in their worship places and not fight), elderly and those who drop their weapons and surrender.

Scholars disagree on this issue. Some say it’s permissible in certain circumstances while others say it’s absolutely wrong. So one can see this not a matter of consensus amongst Scholars.

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I am glad you do.

I am not a hater AnwarX nor am I here to bash Islam. Perhaps those concepts I disagree with, but I really don't care where they come from. Whether they have a Christian origin or a Muslim one or whatever else it can cross your mind. It happens that this is an Islamic forum so it only makes sense we talk about Islam.

Why I chose to participate in an Islamic forum and not let's say a Christian one? Well, living in a Christian country I have many friends to argue with :) Moreover, I find the Middle East most fascinating and I really am intrigued to discover the most I can out of it.

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jenny_: I agree with what you said!

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Obviously people don't follow what's in their scriputes word by word strictly.
We read in the Qoran also that killing one is like killing all humanity. I believe this was said to give emphasis on what a big sin killing is.

For some reasons, some choose to wrap themselves in bombs and explode in a public place. Humans are supposed to be gifted with logic. I believe such an act goes beyond religion. Perhaps religion is being involved, but I don't believe it's the motive. Maybe this is how it is being presented. After all you need to believe in a higher idea to do such a thing. Much like the Nazis thought they did.

I consider this to be an internal problem of the Muslim community. If they believe their religion is peaceful they should try harder to extinguish such phenomena.

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