so im currently sunni but im interested in shiitism any opinions because im still learining about them

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Salam There is no need for you to start practicing Shiism. Shia muslims are of course still muslims and in the fold of Islam. But Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah, as far as I can see being that I studied everything from Sufism to shiism to sufi shias and sunni sufis lol ...Learn, be honest to yourself, take what you see makes sense, throw away what doesnt ie cursing of the sahaba etc. Some of their aqeedah is wrong. I believe the most traditional Islam and the real islam is that practiced by Sunnis, I am not talking Salafis I mean traditional sunnis who know the tradition of tasawwuf and stay away from the questionable and extreme.

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well, you can learn and practice as far as it does not go against or teaches you something which is against Islam.

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