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today was friday and i planned my journey as ill go for my friday prayers which was at 1.50 and after that fetch my daughter who is three and a half years old from school which leaves at 2. mosque was just adjacent to school but unfortnately prayers got delayed by good 20 to 25 minutes as often it happens during fridays. iwas getting restless inside the mosque as my daughter cries even if we are minutes late as she is very small. my question was what should we do in such cases if i leave mosque without praying will it be a big sin. or should i pray leaving my child crying. jazakallah

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Wa,alikum Asalam Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakato

Yes if in case you don't have any one to take care of your child. It is better to not bother other people who are praying

Hope it is helpful

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