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To all the Muslims out there, I have a question for you. After you've killed Salman Rushdie, and the people who made the Innocence of Islam video, and numerous innocent people who had nothing to do with either one (such as the people at the embassies in Libya and Egypt), what will you do with all your hate then? When you're a serial murderer, you don't just stop. The human brain doesn't work like that. Who will you kill next? Your wife, your children, your parents, your neighbors, your best friends, your sisters and brothers? They're all going to say something you don't like eventually. Most people just accept that disagreements are a part of life. But you won't. You'll want to kill anyone who says anything that makes you angry, because you'll have no control. You'll have to face Allah one day. How will you defend yourself?

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Allah gave everyone free will. Freedom of expression is a result. Whilst this is mostly productive it can be occasionally destructive . Within the Christian community there is a minority that inflame tensions and produce media that is offensive to Muslims. Many muslims believe this is because Shatan whispers to them and they decide to do this. Within the Muslim community there are those whom react to this and riot. Again we could attribute this to Shatan exasperating the situation. The cause and effect is simple to understand. We all have the free will to follow what we think in our hearts is right we should try to follow Allah teachings in the Quaran and not listen to Shatans ideas. I think that we should try to forgive these people and personally always be on our guard against Shatan. It just makes me sad to read your comments as it seems that you tar all Muslims with your brush without realising that it is a minority that has the biggest effect in the worlds media.

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Well Although I agree with James's opinion, however still i can understand the pain of Jody on these issues and violent reaction. All What is happening around us is very painful. I put some points in front of Jodi and I hope he/she will think about these.

1: Muslims are about one third of total population i.e.1.6 billion. And there are only few thousand people involved in these violent demonstrations. Is this justified to judge dominant majority of billions of Muslims by the actions of only a few thousand people? This is what James is pointing out.

2: I am a Pakistani Muslim. I took Marketing and Management in my Business Administration Degree and you know it surprised me a lot. In Marketing books (Authors are from USA) it is always stressed to pay great consideration and follow to local culture, customs etc while launching marketing campaign of any product. And always recommended to avoid any activity that is against local culture, customs etc. Surprisingly "WEST", in case of Muslims, is always irritating Muslims. let this movie issue behind. I can quote you dozens of examples that how USA uses its superior position in Pakistan and is involved in HATRED ACTIVITIES like promoting "homo sexual activities", which in turn agitates and frustrates most of Pakistanis.So why West donot respect us and our elders. This non respecting behavior is causing problem.

3: I accept "Freedom of Speech" & Dialogue theory. But unfortunately WEST dont accept it. You will be surprised by words. Its true. US Government says that we condemns this movie but we can not ban it. As it is against freedom of speech. I have just question "Will US govt allow any movie promoting ALQAIDA against US?" (Remember I am NOT alqaida supporter) I hope your answer will be "NO". then where is now freedom of speech? If you say Yes, Then my next question is "why those Muslims are sentenced to jail who try to promote Jihad". If Jihad is against your laws and you think that we should respect your laws, then Please please please try to understand that you should also respect us and our elders.

I am not supporting all these violent demonstrations, rather I am trying to inform you very few basic reasons behind all such activities. If you think my points have any good position then please tell the WEST that please respect us and our elders. In return We will Love you.

I CONDEMN the killing of US Ambassador and other people there and apologize for all that stupidity.

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here is a good video to remove misconception about "kill them where ever you find them", InshaAllah it will help a lot

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~link removed~

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here is a good video to remove misconception about "kill them where ever you find them", InshaAllah it will help a lot ~link removed~

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Please, don't comment for old questions unnecessary just to advertise your Youtube video.

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IN THE NAME OF GOD! SALAM. QURAN:AL-Baqarah: And when they went into the field against Goliath and his hosts they said: Our Lord! Bestow on us endurance, make our foothold sure, and give us help against the disbelieving folk. ( 250 )

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