Salaam to you all i had a huge fight with my husband 2days ago. i want to work and he is ok with but here in saudi men control womans income or thats what he told me that. that i need to have derect depositto his account and i need to aks him for money and he needs to approve it. i am a revert to islam as far as i know woman are allowed to there noney, plus my husband makes good money he dosnt need my help. and i even told him that i wanted to help my mom who lives in the states and is not well of so i wanted to keep helping her for the Sake of Allah , he said that i needed think of our family what family we dont have children i told him he didnt need my help . We have just got married 2 months ago n he also mentioned a second wife and im not ok with this i know in my heart that helping hour parents Allah always see this good. i have alsays seen a the reword from Allah when i help my mom my father was no good. and plus i love my mother and i maid a promise to Allah that if he would help me with job i would help my mom i love helping her and she is alone so please Advice me he is not speaking to me but i know im right. another thing i did tell him if he gets another woman i would leave its too soon to even have this discusion i dont understand i know im not perfect but who is right I aslo feel that here im not doing to good with my Imen i feel weak and i married him becuse i thought he was a pious muslim but he misses prayers and he looks at woman around me and know he tells me this about money i have a huge problem with this i dont know what to do am i wrong and not seeing it

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In Islam husband should provide his family with every need. Women are authorized to work and don't have to give money to the husband. It's up to her if she wanted to. Your husband is wrong. For the second and third wife, Quran mentioned it clearly. It is authorized by with tough conditions. Unfortunately some wrong hadith have been put above Quran and now muslim men are marrying as they wish in total religious anarchy. Some hadith even saying that muslim men can have as many as they want women slaves. When in Quran this is pure Zina. Anyway I wish you good luck.

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