Salam Aleykoum Brothers and sisters

I went to the mosque today for the morning prayer. During the 1rst rakat, after reciting the Al Fatiha, the Iman began reciting a surat. We then went in Ruku and then he said "Allah Akbar", continued with the surat, went on second ruku (all in the first rakat) , came back from the ruku with all the necessary invocations and we then went on soujoud.

I am wondering if it is permissible and if yes; what surat is that?

Thank y'all very much in advance

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Brother Prayer

That's a very good question

Actually after ruku, you say only samea allah leman hameda rabna wal laka alhamed

or you can say rabana wa laka al hamed mulee al samawat wa mulee al ard wa mule ma sheat min shea bade Ahel al thana wa almajed ahaq ma qala al abed wa quluna laka abed la manea lema aatit wala yanfaa tha aljaad minka al jad

the above is not a surat it is dua'a and the translation is the following

O Lord you are to be praised fill the heavens and fill the earth and fill what you want of anything , by the people of praise and glory, these words are the most right you are to be worshiped with, and all of us are your worshipers, there is nothing can stop what you have given, one person's money doesn't help unless he is doing good deeds"

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