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The greatest love in Islam is from God's love and we all love in our livesIslam calls for love but as I love committedIslam does not believe in love between a man and a woman not married or their uterus (any forbidden marriage kalakht, etc)

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That Islam did not rule him in love, see ye to Islam governs something to hate, sadness, fear and hunger? It also doesn't judged something to love.Pain hear people say "Islam is the natural religion"? That's like saying God (...God bestowed that mushroom people..) And the meaning of being a religion that meets all the needs of the people in the image of probity and justice organization. That is something in man chokes his feelings but knows the best way to address and response.Islam does not tell you anything of its provisions: no make or don't hate or don't like. But you say: If you were hungry, do not steal, if hated, grievance and if I liked it doesn't deviate. Then he puts in front of you to address hunger legality of toil and work for a living. And puts in front of you to deal with hatred of the justice system and the adjudication of rights. And puts in front of you to address was received love marriage and marriage law.From here know that Islam is not accountable to any of these feelings that the dust out souls but Islam brought to account for what has ygtrhah of wrongful acts with those feelings and emotion.My brother my sister reader reader this does not mean that your emotions of love and its prompts Holocaust storms. The feelings of love in human entity more like se blazing in the night room extinguished OS turned the place into darkness lonely pitch and exaggerated the lifting of Wick and flame tongue d turning OS to fire a burning room may refer to year of the flame. But love in Fouad human OS shining if Islam had re-formed its entity and a path of moderation that Allaah. It doesn't reach out and sample all that looms in front of pleasure and whims and go the same sorrows behind.Love that enchants by many people today is not only a lower all their virtues were gathered every unless vices. Love heart keeps secret the virtues, conservation sum kamalata and instills self-confidence seeds of compassion and humanity after being pulled up from the roots of selfishness. It was thus the best mulch for family building, the best spirit of solidarity of the nation, and the most powerful trigger to set off fountains of wisdom and raise the torch of wisdom.Today it has become a love secret (striptease) raises self-confidence within and pull out of soul virtues. Bringing the worst destructive entity of the individual and the nation and the greatest danger to building a home and family. And some employers may you dub this (love) from its pains and the nation, but it is a natural outcome of human jealousy rather than alleged love results thing.The agony of love transcends all humanitarian entity level of orgasm content which loving breathes sing tears of pain and delight in Al Wajid it took thinner tune Arafa society and pompous flower smelt throughout.Finally I know that loving alleged by everyone and the easier case and dearest. And love good steady and origin tree branch in the sky and the fruit appears in heart and tongue and Raptors. The liked it love doesn't leave you when the meditek and when attending your death and flees from you on the day of resurrection walnshor and characterized by these qualities other than Allaah. They loved the truth when you with insights only Allah and do not owed to love others. Thank God who is worthy of all the commendable Act and thank him for realizing he is owned by Abdullah thanked him in good times and bad.

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