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I started doing Business accounting and hated it Decided to do a Alimah course because iv always wanted to do it Then my family reacted in such a bad way I then decided to do Business Admin at another uni That uni still hasnt replied and i donnt know what to do because its been 3 weeks the course has started so i will most probbly not b offered a place I have no idea what to do now I just feel like crying soo much Im sick of my life Theres always soo many problems

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I suffered from Depression since i was 8, i am now 21. I contemplated suicide 2 times and attempted 1 time. IN 2010 I swallowed 30 Advils, passing in and out and eventually ambulance got me and pumped out my stomach. I knew I would attempt suicide at some point because I didn't fully surrender to God. I would find joy when I do things for God but whenever I would slip into the world, I would lose meaning of life again.. I still havnt completely surrendered but I know in the near future I completely will. What you dont know is that i am talking about surrendering to Jesus Christ. You should to.

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Asalaam'alikum. Looking at you choices think about whats best for you, I'm not amongst the best of characters but my advise to you is this. Families can bring immense pressure that most people are not good at handling. Maybe your getting grief from home not because of what your doing, but its approach. if all of a sudden without discussing anything you made a life changing decision it sometimes can question your trust of the close ones around you. even iv made bad decisions in life. and yeh at times it did feel like the weight of the world was on my shoulders but hard times always pass. Personally I would stick to your alimah studies. because you will become a guide over those that need guidance(people like me). and for every deed they do from what you have taught you too will gain their reward. Dont worry too much about people looking down at you. Once you graduate as an alimah every person in the community will look up to you. they'll soon forget this episode. I would see it more of gods test. and should you pass it he wil reward you greatly as promised.

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I actually focused my mind on this and now my family does not want me to do because they think i will become an extremist. I feel like im moving away from Allah now because i feel so lost and annoyed at everything.

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I know its been a while since our last post. First to question is how religious is your family. Because by the sounds of it , things seem as though they are not close to islam. if thats the case remember that your living under their roof and their rules. so trying to dictate new things that you have learnt won't work in that type of environment. so introduce things slowly. also from the people who hav become alims and imams around i have seen that as they become more educated they seem more calm and a lot wiser. so give it time and everything will fall into place. hav faith

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Bismillah walhamdulillah. Learning knowlegde of is important. as a human being we have to learn. If not, we do not know how to think, read, write, and so on. Moreover knowlegde of religion (Islam) and the Al-Quran especially. Rasulullah s.a.w said to say, "Which is better among you are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it." And the learned of it, darjat (rank) with Allah s.w.t is the glorious heights. As word of Allah which means, "Allah explained (to all His creatures with the arguments and evidence), there is no God (worthy of worship) but Him, Who was always thin (all natural) justice, and the angels and the people of knowledge (acknowledge and affirm, too), there is no God (worthy of worship) but Him the Almighty, the Wise. "Surah Al-i-Imran: 18. By then, efforts forward, pray to Him and put their trust completely to Allah, the Most Merciful. InsyaAllah. Wallahu'alam.

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