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I'm a muslim man, 25 years old. I like a Christian girl and would like to get married to her. She is ready to accept Islam (if she has to) and lead life as a wife the Islamic way (Hijaab.. etc).

I understand that Surah Ma'idah allows a muslim man to marry a chaste christian. But I have a list of questions I would like to get clarified:

1) Is it necessary/better if she accepts Islam before marriage?

2) Is it necessary for all her family members to accept Islam before marriage?

3) Since any relationship before marriage is haraam, is it best to get married soon and repent for the sins together OR end this relationship altogether? Would I be committing a sin if I dont marry her because I dont know if she will accept Islam then.

4) What are the pre requisites for this marriage to be valid? Who can be a wali for her (since there is no Muslim man in her family).

5) What if my parents/relatives do not approve of this marriage (solely based on the fact that she is a christian and the society will talk ill of us)? They do not know yet but I wish to make them aware of this as soon as possible. What is the right thing to do? What rights do parents/relatives have over my decision of marrying someone? (Although I cannot think of going against my parents will. May Allah guide us the right way).

6) What are the things the girl should be made aware of before marriage? ( Like example, telling her that the children will follow Islam ONLY and will not participate/learn/follow any other religion).

7) Is her family welcome to our home after marriage? Are they considered and respected the same way as a mother/sister-in-law (had this been a marriage with a Muslim woman)?

Your answers will be appreciated. Thank you.

May Allah bless us and guide us to the right path.

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Yes you can marry christian women but if she is willing to convert to Islam then is good she should convert Islam before marriage

Is it necessary for all her family members to accept Islam before marriage? i think no but she should at least convert to islam

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I have a question about how islam views marriage between christians and muslims (or for that matter jews and muslims)- what would happen if a muslim man wanted to marry a christian woman, and the woman said she wanted their children to be raised with an understanding of both christianity and islam, and that she wanted the children to be not forced to become muslim, or christian, but given equal opportunity to learn about each faith and then freely make their own decision? For example when the children were very young, maybe their parents might each take them to the mosque and to church, and teach them about both, and then when the children were older, if the child wanted to go to mosque then both parents would accept and support that, but also if the child wanted to not go to mosque but go instead to church, both parents would accept that - or maybe the child would say they did not yet know and wanted to go to church and mosque... or neither... What would happen if a christian woman said that she would only marry her muslim boyfriend if they could agree on freedom of choice for their children like that?

What is the islamic point of view on children born into either a mixed faith family, or even to a muslim family. According to Islam do they have a free choice about what faith / religon they choose? By free choice I mean free from any punishment consequence here on earth in their earthly lifetime?

I have read that it is a crime punishable by death in some islamic countries for a person who is born into an islamic family - to convert to another religon, or simply abandon islam (as an adult who is old enough to understand the decision they make)

However I have also read that there are many 'laws' in some of those countries which many muslim people believe are not islamic or the correct intepretation of the q├║ran. So I was wondering what the average moderate muslim believes about this?

Is it like christianity - which is always 100% the choice of the person - it would be wrong for me as a christian to kill, or mistreat another person because they abandoned christianity. It would be ok for me to go and talk to them and try and convince them not do to that - but to force them to remain christian, or to put them in jail, or to disown them (if my children or family), or to beat them - would be a sin. How do most muslims see this situation? If you had a friend, or brother, sister, spouse, parent, cousin, whatever - who had been broiught up in Islam. If they one day said to you that they had decided to convert to christianity, or judiasm, or some other religon, what would you be expected to do, and what would be the right reaction to this persons decision from their community and family?

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hello its okay to marry a women that is josh or Christian
your parents should to agree for you to marry her i believe you should talk about the children following the fathers religion (islam) you should always respect people from any religion you have to respect and welcome your mother-in-law profet Mohammed always respected his josh neighbor
i think you should ask a islamic religious man may allah help and guide us to the right path

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