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I am in a relationship with an individual who is of Palestinian descent. He is first generation American and embraces both his Palestinian and American roots. He follows and believes in Islam, but is not practicing it/as devout as maybe he should be. We have plans to marry and an issue that we have addressed and resolved is the religion of our children. I do not classify my self as atheist or any other type of religious group. I believe is good and doing as much good as possible, but I do not follow a particular religion and I cannot truly answer the question "Do you believe in God?" When asked I can't say that I do and I can't say that I don't. I believe that a lot of religion is man-made and it is hard to tease out between all of it. But even with that belief, I cannot say there is no God. It is not that simple to me. When speaking about our children, I support my companion's wishes to teach our children Islam. But when I comes to me, I feel that I cannot make that commitment. He wants me to claim Islam, but I feel that I shouldn't if I don't believe in it. I also feel that I cannot create faith if I have never had it. Why is it so bad to not affiliate with a particular religion? If I am a good person and I try my best to do good, what is the problem? Also, how can you create faith if you've never had it? My companion and I truly love each other and are willing to be flexible about our differences in our culture. But this topic troubles me because I want to give him something, I know would make him truly happy, but I feel like I just can't. Any advise and thoughts are welcome.

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Peace to you all,

It is true what you are saying and it is difficult to come to a conclusion to whether God exists or not so to bring your attention and to open your mind to see what you may or may not have realized to use some of your words and you have said as follows, (My companion and I truly love each other) so my question is where did you get this feeling from and what have made you known what you are feeling is love, where did it came from or did you created it yourself or was it something that you were born with and if it is something that you were born with it then how did it get there and what have made you known what you are feeling is love? Now listen to my answer and contemplate carefully because the One Whom is answering you is One Whom is The All-Wise and He says in His Book [Qur'an} And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought [Sura 30v21] As you see here God starts of in this verse and says,[And of His signs] here God is telling as that whatever He is going to mention after this is nothing but a sign which means that it gives you a direction a path to get to and to recognize and God is directing you to Himself, than God says,[is that He created for you from yourselves mates] God here brings our attention that He Has created both male and female and also He is telling us that He could have created just one of you without the other not existing as we all know that no one had the choice whether to exist or not but rather finds him or herself been born and a live, then God says, [that you may find tranquillity in them] this means that God Has placed tranquility in their hearts so that they feel comfortable with each other and also means that one can not live normality without the other been there, then God says, [and He placed between you affection and mercy] this means for the male and female to truly feel this tranquility between them so that they can have a good relationship and build a family that will be strong as they will be living with each other for many years so God has put in their hearts love, that is why male and female are attractive to each other and on top of that He Has also put in their hearts mercy what a wonderful creator is God, look how He perfected the mankind thus, that is why God ends with this verse, [Indeed in that are signs for a people who give though] ones you come to realize and you give though you will come to realize that everything about you is placed within you even you character down to your look as there will be no one who will look like you so you see this Religion of Islam has the answer to all your questions do not run away from but rather look for all your answers in it....n I hope you will save yourself and your family as we all know that the same way we came to exist in this world then we will die and continue to exist in the next life to come so the choice is yours make God happy by been grateful to Him and obeying Him your Lord Allah.

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Iv just been reading this page and im very interested in these book you have been talking about. i would also like some advice. i am born a muslim but i feel my iman is getting week due to this modern world around me. i stopped praying for years but now iv started again and my interest in islam is getting greatter everyday. my biggest problem is that i was in a 3 year relationship with a non-muslim female who is a very kind and has everything a true muslim should have.she never lies and has lots of respect in all sorts of people. but she has been bought up with mondern western life. i have eneded my relation with her because it seems like she would never understand islam and i would suffer because of her. she doesnt understand why we dont except or get married to a non-muslim.she thinks its rasict. In her eyes she sees that she has done nothing wrong so what is wrong with living the way she is?. please can you email me the copies of the books so i can show her and give her a major understanding of islam being the right path inshaallah.

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Look at the miracles of the islam allah and the prophet (pbuh) told us about many things many yeas ago and people now discover it .

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welcolm to the forum mai!

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The only way you can believe in something is by learning everything you can about it. You can't have faith in something that you don't have any/much knowledge about. So i recommend that you:

  1. seek knowledge from reliable books
  2. read the Quran (I'm assuming that you can't read arabic, so look for translations of the Quran in your language. Just to warn you though, no translation is 100% accurate. An arabic meaning can have multiple translations. So it's one of the reasons why learning arabic is recommended, but I realise this is something that takes a lot of time so start with reading translations)
  3. speak to religious muslims
  4. speak to converts, see why they converted. If you don't know any though try youtube, there are quite a lot of people on there speaking about their experiences and why they converted to islam

If I was you I would avoid getting my information solely from the internet, it's not exactly reliable and I've seen a lot of false information out there regarding islam. Learn from educated people is my best advice.

And I totally recommend (it's a 24 hour islamic channel from scholars, very educational and interesting. They're very straight-to-the-point and clear with their answers) or try going to an islamic centre if they have one where you live and talk to them about it.

If you want to find faith seek knowledge. That is the only way. And insha'Allah (God willing) Allah will guide you.

P.s. I began following Islam after reading about the scientific discoveries in the Quran that have only recently been discovered here in the west (absolutely amazing. I read about it through this book: The Quran and modern science. Compatible or incompatible? By Dr. Zakir Naik - he's a very well known scholar. You can listen to his talks on

It's actually a leaflet type of book that I got for free so I don't think it would be that easy to find, if you like, I can scan the pages and send them to you via email. If you would like me to do that just reply to this and i'll give you my spare email address, but it's up to you. Or i could quickly set up a blog and post the photocopys on there.

I also followed Islam after reading about the prophecies concerning the lead-up to the last day (which would have been impossible for muhammad p.b.u.h to know on his own 1400 years back. So it must've come from a divine source).

The Qurans view on women also lead me to believe that Islam is the true path. Islam gave women rights and equality to men. As a feminist I was very shocked to read such a book that spoke so highly of women despite what the media were constantly saying, about how women are seen as second class and degraded in Islam. This is 100% incorrect.

Also, here's another book (that I got for free again) which would probably be super helpful to you (40pages), it's called: "Answers to non-muslims common questions about Islam" by Dr. Zakir Naik.

And these are the topics that it answers very clearly with a lot of good information to back it up: Polygamy Polyandry Hijab for women Was Islam spread by the sword Terrorism and fundamentalists Eating non-vegetarian food Islamic method of slaughtering animals (which people accuse of being ruthless) The misconception of muslims worhsipping the ka'bah why non-muslims are not allowed in makkah Why pork is forbidden Why alcohol is forbidden Inheritance of money (why the womens share of the inherited wealth is only half that of a mans) The hereafter - life after death Why muslims are divided into sects/different schools of thought (which is prohibited) All religions teach people to be righteous, then why follow islam? Vast differences between islam and the actual practise of muslims

I can photocopy these pages too if you want :)

Anyway, best of luck. I hope that I've helped :)

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UPDATE: I just found out that the books that I mentioned can actually be bought here (they do international shipping incase you don't live in the UK): The islam and science book The common questions from non-muslims book They have loads more, and free translation copies of the Quran on the site too (you just have to pay for shipping) :)

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P.s. I ordered some translations of the Quran and a few booklets from the site a few days ago and it's already arrived (I was expecting to wait a week) all well packaged and sent quickly, very impressed.

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