what does marriage exactly mean?for me it's nothing,in some religions when people do it they are ''united by the God'' but nothing really happens, it doesn't stop the fights between the Husband and the Woman,people could live good without being married,that is what i think. can i know what Islam says about the marriage.

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Marraige is meant to "Multiply" and that can only be achieved after sexual intercourse between a MAN & a WOMAN... so the whole purpose of marraige to reproduce another Muslim....!!! But in order to give sanctity and honour to such act of courtship the whole process of NIQAH and TAlAQ etc. has been developed to distinguish us; the HUMAN BEINGS from other animals...!!! the other animals MATE among opposite sex... whereas HUMANS do not have such free society of any male can mate any female..... Since human beings are social animals and they live in society, we need certain NORMS to live a healthy life.... the difference in opinion between a husband and wife has got nothing to do with being married or unmarried... it can exist in either way. The marriage makes you to think about adjusting with the LIFE PARTNER you have instead of keep on dating and sleeping around with various male/female to find the right partner...!!! Which you can never achieve..... as both the partner will try to be in their best ACT to impress each other... till they get married... and once they are married they show their TRUE COLOUR.....If that was the route to a successful marraige then the LOVE MARRAIGES should NEVER have any DIVORCE....!!! Whereas if you see the statistics the frequency and number of LOVE MARRAIGES ending in DIVORCE is almost 100 times higher than the arranged marraiges....!!! The lame logic of people suffer but do not leave the arrange marriage is MAY BE a NATURAL WAY of holding couples in MARRAIGE....!!!! there are equal number of examples of couples suffering in LOVE MARRAIGES as well and keeping their marraige intact for very same reasons...!!!!

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i can give you the link


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