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assalamwalakum. i have a question related property. i father had a land which we verbally sold it to one of my distant relative and he gave us the money for that. after few months we got to know we have more land behind that plot, so we told him now that if you have taken the front plot , u buy the plot which is behind dis also otherwise the whole land will go waist, and the plot which is behind the one you have taken will be for the price which is the latest market price. and the front one will be s same old price. but he refused to take that one. so we cancelled the deal and returned his money back to him , but he refused to take it back and sent it back to us which was around 10 years back, but we had cancelled the deal and that time and told him straight on his face that deal is cancelled and we will pay u double the price which u gave us, now he is refusing to take the money back and we have sold the land. we closed the deal 10 years back and sent his money back that time, now if he is not taking the money back , what should be do with the money he gave us? regards

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