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Assalam-o-alaikum Brothers & Sisters In simple words ,I want to ask a question and wanna know what Islam recommend me.If you are in a problem and you can only make one happy then who will you choose . Lover or parents

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Off course parents.....because they were not, you were not.... On judgement day Allah will not see 3 types of persons....and among them one is that, who disobeyed his/her parents.... and every couple is already made by the God.... It might that someone more better than her will marry you....ALLAH KNOWS BEST..... brother you are in love and shaitan is mis guiding you.....please follow your parents only. this world is not for ever but the world after this world is forever......whom you want to choose the 80 year of this world or endless year of that world. your parent is the key to success to that world...... why you are wasting your endless life for this 80 year life?? just try to forget her and follow your parents....May Allah help you. Jazakallahu khairan

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Your parent is not your enemy and they will find best for you. And Allah already has made a girl, just for you only. Wait she will soon comes in your life and Allah know the best what is better for you...... start offering time five namaz times and raise you hands for Dua. Insha Allah everything will be fine.... jazakallahu khairan vote

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Parents are more important to you than your lover because your parents gave birth to you. They brought you up , took care of you , gave you education etc. So always be kind to your parents.

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salam sister and brother. i can relate on this article. id been this way too I always put first my parents between love. Now Im matured enough (34 of age) I am still considering my parents side which am much affected. My parents are old now and I know somehow they are afraid letting me go afraid for their situation. How I wish I could have my own too, but I feel Allah plan for me this way to be single since I am the provider to the family.

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