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Why is heaven presented so materialistic in the Qoran? Why does the Qoran talk about "rivers of wine" when in this life wine is considered haram?

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we all know that wine is haram and we also know that qur'an said that but its not the same wine...Allah wouldnt let us drink and eat bad things .. and yes our heaven is materialistic because Allah will give everything to a good muslim.. but do we deserve that? no its Because Allah is Merciful and sorry about the wine my english is not so good i cant help u a lot

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no worries, your english is very good. Thanks for the answer.

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The Muslim heaven isn't as materialistic as often portrayed. There are rivers of wine (and milk, and honey). Yes there is also banqueting, sexual enjoyment, and good company. First of all there is nothing wrong with that - we do not suffer from a neurotic attitude towards material enjoyment. In traditional Islamic thinking enjoyment of material blessings is allowed if kept within limits. But the greatest reward of a believer in Paradise is the vision of God Almighty. This is very well attested in the Hadith literature. One of the Prophet pbuh's prayers went something like "...and do not deprive me of the vision of Thy blessed Countenance". This is considered the greatest bliss of the believer in Paradise, greater than Paradise itself, and the greater the spiritual rank of a believer the more he will be blessed with the vision of God's Countenance.
I'm sure you agree this can hardly be considered materialistic. Now as for why wine is permitted in the afterlife and not in this life, the answer is that the wine of the afterlife is of a different kind - it makes you feel good but does not give you a headache, nausea, and does not make you engage in stupid and self-destructive behaviour, unlike the wine of this world. Hope this helps.

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sexual enyojment? are you sure

(Feb 28 '12 at 01:04) MrIslamista MrIslamista's gravatar image

Yes, I am. You didn't think husbands and wives were to get together there to play Monopoly did you?

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i didnt know that men and women will be together ^^

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Well Imad, if you drink moderately then you don't get those side effects. Why was Mohammed able to teach moderation in all other aspects but not alcohol?

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"Mohammed" had nothing to do with it. The prohibition on alcohol was from God Almighty. The Prophet pbuh had no choice in the matter. Besides, what is moderate to you may not be considered moderate by someone else. Statistics have shown that a single glass of alcohol can significantly impair someone's ability to drive or operate heavy machinery and I'm pretty sure you'd consider a single glass of wine or beer to be "moderate". Alcohol is a social evil. It causes more harm and misery than good, just as the Quran says.

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I am sorry to disappoint you but especially one glass of red wine can be rather beneficial.

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Nothing disappointing there. The Quran affirms that there are benefits in alcohol but the benefits of are outweighed by the harms. I know a glass of wine is beneficial, but if it impairs your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery (and it has been statistically proven that it does)I would rather you did not drink at all.

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I will accept your answer although I would had expected something deeper. Faith in God should depend on other things and not promised luxuries I believe. Thanks Al Ummat!

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Greek is my mother tongue.

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The reason for this is that you do not need to look further on this issue all you have to do is look to yourself and see that all this that is mentioned in the Qur'an is what your soul desires and it is what you worked hard for it in order to obtain it and this desire is something that is in you and part of you which you can not get rid of, so God brings your attention on these desires to show you that He knows what you truly desire and what you want, so by mentioning this He is proving to you only someone who sees your heart can only know what is in your heart and what your intentions are, therefore, makes you think and makes you realize that how could anyone know what is in my heart which no one sees except someone who knows you better than anyone else, so the issue is not the material in paradise that is mentioned but rather what is mentioned about you as you are and your feeling and desires that are mentioned.

To conclude God promises as that He will fulfill these desires we have with the most perfect rewards but one must work for it the same way he works for this world.

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