Greetings! I am currently in college studying the Bible and its history, and in so dong, have become interested in not only learning about Chrisitanity, but also it's fellow descendants from Abraham, that is Judaism and Islam. Living in Kentucky, it is hard for me to find an imam close by to ask these questions of. "The closest mosque is, i believe, a little over an hour away). At any rate, I was hoping to be able to ask questions here and get answers from everyday Muslims about their religion, namely:

1: Is there some way for me to refer to prophets without appending pbth or other honorifics, without being offensive to you?

2: I am not sure I understand the Islamic view toward the Gospel. If it was not distorted, as you believe, then would Muslims view it as scripture?

God bless you.

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Thank you for your answers!

I have yet to get a chance to study the quran, due to school obligations and my own religious obligations, and I greatly appreciate your help in finding specific passages which speak about such matters. I certainly hope to never offend anyone, and instead simply learn about my fellows.

God bless you

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  1. For all Muslims, it is only respectful if they attach PBUH after the names of all the prophets including Jesus in whom all Muslims are obligated to also honor as one of the mightiest messenger of Allah. No muslim is a muslim if he or she does not believe in Jesus.
  2. Yes, muslims believe in all the old scriptures before the Quran but only the originals if they still exist. The reason being that many of these Holy Books with the exception of the Quran have been "interpolated" as admitted by, in the case of the Bible, the Christians scholars of the Bible themselves. The Quran on the other hand has been in its original form since its revelation more than 1400 years ago. Millions of muslims today can memorize the Book from cover to cover. Any attempt to corrupt the verses is futile. Click on this link and spend time to listen to this ex-Christian minister:
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How can you say you believe in all the scriptures the moment you claim they have been altered???? Isn't this why you have the Qoran? Because Mohammed came to correct those mistakes you claim to be found in the Bible and the Torah???

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where are those original scriptures then?

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but if they are missing how do we know?

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for the people who doubt the authenticity of the Quran and to the Question why we say that the scriptures have been conjugated should read both they themselves vill find bundles of mistakes in the scriptures and not one in the glorious Quran many might not get enough time to do so i vil help you with a brief over view"" any who really intends to find out the truth about authenticity should view this and those who just want to argue with out any knowledge vil not watch this its my guess but anyways allah knows the best and he says in the glorious Quran" And do not trust except those who follow your religion." Say, "Indeed, the [true] guidance is the guidance of Allah . [Do you fear] lest someone be given [knowledge] like you were given or that they would [thereby] argue with you before your Lord?" Say, "Indeed, [all] bounty is in the hand of Allah - He grants it to whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Wise." 3:73 "And do not believe but in him who follows your religion. Say: Surely the (true) guidance is the guidance of Allah-- that one may be given (by Him) the like of what you were given; or they would contend with you by an argument before your Lord. Say: Surely grace is in the hand of Allah, He gives it to whom He pleases; and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing. " 3:73

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Muslims are not doing anything that liberal Christians, liberal Catholic theologians, and most Anglicans and United Church members are not already doing. All of these mentioned Churches basically admit that there are errors and historical inaccuracies in the Bible. Muslims do the same. So I want you to understand that Muslims look at the Bible in the same way as many modern-day Christians do, apart from the fundamentalist/born-again ones who have an inerrantist view of the Bible (but in 2012, as opposed to 1612, this group of inerrantists is a minority within Christendom).

Muslims "picking and choosing" from the Bible is not a problem, because Muslims readily admit that they do not believe in the entire Bible 100%. The bigger problem is when Christians like you pick and choose from the Bible, accept some parts and reject others, all the while claiming to believe in the Bible as the 100% Word of God.

If we were sitting down face to face, believe me, it would not take long to show that you accept parts of your Book and reject others. Muslims can explain why they accept parts of the Bible and reject others-- but what is your excuse?

For example, do you accept the creation account found in Genesis 1:26 which states that Adam was made after the animals, or do you accept the creation account of Genesis 2:7-19 which has it that Adam was created before the animals? Which passage do you accept, and which one do you reject? Please don't say "both" without explaining to us how you can believe in two completely contradictory accounts.

Did Jairus say that his daughter is almost dead (Mark 5:25) or did he say that she is already dead (Matthew 9:18)? Which passage do you, as a Christian who claims to believe in the entire Bible, accept and which passage will you reject? Do not say "both" without explaining how Jairus could have said both statements at the same time.

I could give more examples, but I won't. Like you, I mean no disrespect to your Scripture or to your religion, but I needed to bring these examples out in order to answer your question and to make my point.

I've seen from past experience that you do not really directly respond to most of my points, but that is alright. Perhaps this exchange might benefit others who are listening in.

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confusedsoul: but how can you accept a new scripture written by a human and try to interpret it "correctly" as you say but not a new book written by allah that has no cotradictions written in one language no mistakes because of the language barrier which one would you rather take as the truth yes the bible did come first but why dont you ask yourself can christianity and islam exist without people revising the bible not without the bible keep in mind that others rewrote it islam cant exist without the revision of the bible not the bible itself and if you belive the bible is 100% true how can it stay true when people keep adding on to it you cant change somthing then keep saying its the same as long as you disregard the thing that changed it and why would you want a book that you cant take litterly its like depending on a friend to save you and they promised to do so but you have to keep in mind you shouldnt belive them all the time wouldent you rather ask your trustworthy friend to save you one that everyone belives and no one has ever caught them lying?

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I certainly did not intend for hostility to come about from this question, although I suppose it was inevitable. I know the questions you posed were not directly toward me, but I would like to throw in my two cents anyway.

i do believe the bible is accurate. I also believe the Bible was written by man, seeing at is signed by men. I do not believe this, in any way, tarnishes the Bible's reliability, as its construction was Divine in origin.

Now, then, onto your specific inquiries. I, personally, take neither genesis account as a statement of fact, but rather as an allegorical story, but if I did have to take one as fact, then it would be the second creation. The first creation story, exegetically, could not be literal, due to days passing before there is a sun, or an earth to rotate. It is a figure of speech to show that there seven parts to the complete creation. The point is not that the world was created in seven days, but instead, that God created.

As to the thing with Jairus' daughter. i can not say which one is more accurate than the other, nor can i see why it would matter. The gospels were written by a diverse group of men a decade or more after Jesus walked the earth. I challenge any one of you to accurately recall the exact words someone told you two years ago, much less ten or twenty. The theological point in behind it is the same, and that is not what matters, not whether she was revived from death of from near death, but that she was revived. As a side note, would not suggest using the NIV translation. it is notorious for leaving out words from the Greek.

The Quran is not without similar statements. What will people eat in Hell? [Sura 88:6, 69:36, 37:66] What was man created from? [Sura 96:1-2, Sura 25:54, Sura 24:45, Sura 15:26, Sura 30:20] Did Abraham smash the idols of the people, or did he leave quietly? [Suras 19:41-49 and 6:74-83, Sura 21:51-59]

Please, answer me these questions also. I intend no maliciousness, and I admit these questions are from a cursory glance, as I have not had time to study the Quran in depth.

God bless you.

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to get the real definition of the quran you would have to know arabic its probably due to language translation thats why we dont call a translated version of the quran a quran because it can never have the same definition i assure you there is no contradictions in the quran in fact the second surah second aya specificlly says thalik alkitab la reib afeeh in this boook there are no contradictions

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If you only read the Quran in the original language, then you should read the Bible in it's original language. I only believe it to be fair.

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How come people have a problem saying pbuh i know its not obligory to say it but all it means is peace be upon them is it bad to wish somone peace? and not only about muhammad but about Jesus too there was somone that told somone else please remember to say pbuh and then they said last time i checked i didnt have to i dont remember who it was and it wasent those specific words but very similar to them now i would understand if you hated muslims you wouldnt want to wish our prophet peace but what about your own prophets whats wrong with saying pbuh wouldent you like to wish Jesus, moses, david, abraham, joseph, etc. peace? this is a general question im not attacking anyone.

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It is not a question of "hating muslims" or the Islamic faith, or not wishing well upon Jesus and the other's. It is, simply, a different culture than mine. To me, it is to close to the way that Catholicism treats the saints for my comfort, but that is more of a personal belief than a generic one. I have no problem saying peace be unto Jesus, i simply mostly delegate it to my personal prayer time. It is not something I think about in every day conversation.

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i was talking about people who refuse to say it not people who dont remember to say it

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If you believe that the Bible is only preserved in the original Hebrew, Aramaic (portions of the Book of Daniel), and Greek, then have you bothered to learn any of these languages? If you have, then please make this simple by giving me the word that is used in Genesis when it talks about God creating "animals". We will then check a Hebrew lexicon to see if that word for "animal"/"beast" can also mean human beings in a primitive state, as you are asserting.

Likewise for the Jairus problem. Please provide us with the original Greek and explain to us why you think there is no contradiction.

We are not employing double standards. If an apparent contradiction in the English translation of the Qur'an requires us to go back to the original Arabic and analyze it, we will do it. I have shown you a clear contradiction in the two Jairus accounts (Gospel of Mark's account vs. Gospel of Matthew's account). If you feel you have to go back to the koine Greek in order to analyze and reconcile this problem, go right ahead and do it.

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I agree with you. There should not be any name-calling or insulting involved in such discussions, otherwise they are not "discussions" any more.

Keep in mind that this is not an "Islamic Studies board". It is just another Internet forum where people can pretty much say whatever they want, and there is little (if any) filter.

On my part-- you're most welcome to keep on asking questions and sharing your comments.

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