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Does happenning much nightfall makes a man gay? Whats its Cure.

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Also,my Semen is watery and think.. First,it was very thick.. I am depressed.

(Nov 01 '12 at 22:38) Aadil Aadil's gravatar image

Brother I already told you about this, why dont you go to doctor for checkup. Although you won't become gay but you will face problem after marriage. Do you started to offer namaz?? use VOTE option.

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Bro,i offer 5 times Namaz a day..bro,i cant go to doctor,as i am only 17 years old and if my parents will heard about this{i masturbated before 2 years,but not nw},they will kill me.. Which kind of problems after marriage? Can u suggest me any medicine after consulting someone for this which would be easily available everywhere.. Try to Understand? U voted me down,,why?

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Dear Brother Its not me who voted your question down, Its goldPseudo who voted it down. You can check it at, click your name and then click karma history....:-D

(Nov 01 '12 at 23:35) Irfan Alam ♦ Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image

The problem you will face after marriage is, you will not be able to satify your wife. And for this your wife quarrel with you. You are fearing with your parents that when they will know this, they will kill you. But that won't happen. No parents will do that, first they become angry but after that they will take to you to doctor after all you are their son. You made mistake earlier, but you now know your mistake and want it to be cured..... Remember dont to hide any problem with parents, whatever it be, they better know how to handle it. And raise your hand to Allah and ask for forgiveness and Allah give those who asks.....Insha Allah your problem will be cured..... use VOTE option

answered 1.1k11042 Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image on street are Ayurvedicans..they use to shout that buy this medicine,and it will cure Nightfall Problems Insha-Allah.. But,i fear that the medicine wouldn't contain any side-effect and create problems after marriage.

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First you are adviced not to talk in answer field, use comment field for further assistance. You other answer which is not relevant will be deleted now or merged into one.

(Nov 04 '12 at 00:51) Irfan Alam ♦ Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image

You have no other option left than to use it. Buy it and try it. I dont know wether their is side effect in using that medicine or not.

(Nov 04 '12 at 04:23) Irfan Alam ♦ Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image

see dont worry if your nightfalls are due to bad things then it is alraming may be you become gay or 50-50 KHURSA but if your nightfalls are just natural then it is ok you dont need to worry about that

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