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i was in a relationship with a married man since last 2 also married woman ,and i got pregnent wid him.i have a girl 1 year old,now i regret wat i have done.i stopped all communication wid him and now repending to allah for the wrong i husband doesnt know all this,he think its his child.plz suggest me what i should repending sincerly.should i tell my husband also?in that case im sure he will divorce me.i am hating myself for the mistake i did.can my husband bring after my child/?

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If Allaah has concealed you, then do not break that concealment that He has bestowed upon you, and do not tell your husband or anyone else anything about what happened. Your repentance is regret and righteousness and doing good deeds.

As for the child, he is to be named after your husband, and that is not cancelled out unless he rejects, because the basic principle is that the child belongs to the marital bed, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

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Wallah I know this must be a very hard time for you! But I think you should tell him. Allah wont be proud of you for lying... ask Allah for help! I wish you luck, Inshallah, everything turns out okay!

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you have to tell him that your daughter is not his!!!! That´s very importent.

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