i was in a relationship with a married man since last 2 years.im also married woman ,and i got pregnent wid him.i have a girl 1 year old,now i regret wat i have done.i stopped all communication wid him and now repending to allah for the wrong i commited.my husband doesnt know all this,he think its his child.plz suggest me what i should do.im repending sincerly.should i tell my husband also?in that case im sure he will divorce me.i am hating myself for the mistake i did.can my husband bring after my child/?

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If Allaah has concealed you, then do not break that concealment that He has bestowed upon you, and do not tell your husband or anyone else anything about what happened. Your repentance is regret and righteousness and doing good deeds.

As for the child, he is to be named after your husband, and that is not cancelled out unless he rejects, because the basic principle is that the child belongs to the marital bed, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

(Jan 01 '13 at 02:05) rehanalam rehanalam's gravatar image

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The above is what I understood However Allah (S.W.T) knows best, so if one say he/she can repent from heart and he/she can be free from this sin then he/she may research further.

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Assalam o Alikum, Muslim brothers and sisters.

I have very lately understood the hadith regarding the punishment of stone to death and thus deleted my every comment which were in favour of the punishment of stone to death. I was and I am just a student of my religion and I answered questions according to my knowledge and understanding and my words are not last as I am no scholar, infact no one here is a scholar and thus these kind of questions should be asked by an Islamic scholar only because here we answer as far as what we understood so far and it might not be correct so the questioner may not get the correct answer so please ask an scholar. Do not live your life by the answers of an aynonomus. I am a human beign and I can make mistakes. I ask you all to ask forgiveness for me and I ask forgiveness to the questioner "aysha" and I ask forgiveness for "aysha" as well , as Allah is the most merciful . Now I accept that if you repent sincerely then InshAllah Allah will forgive you but if you have doubts in sincereity then the punishment of stone to death is the most sincere repentance.

I ask if any admin can give me the email adrress of @aysha or atleast copy and sent my this message to aysha's email and ask her to forgive me and I "believer" also ask Allah to forgive her .

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Believer! Its been so long! Alhamdulillah im glad to see you!

(Jul 21 '13 at 02:06) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Yes sister, I miss islam.com and my fellows here as well. But due to busy life I am unable to be active here. Please do remember me in your prayers and may Allah showers his blessings onto you and your family. Ameen.

(Jul 21 '13 at 05:58) believer ♦ believer's gravatar image

For you also may Allah subhana WA ta'ala bless all you do. You are missed here . I understand completely. Ramadan Kareem. Keep in touch insha Allah .

(Jul 21 '13 at 06:11) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image
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