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Asalam Alaikum,

I have seen that answers on here have absolutely no quality anymore. This is also most likely because the questions have no quality in them, but here are the reasons that I see that make the answers here have absolutely no quality, and Insha'Allah they can be eliminated so that the quality can come back.

  1. NO citations, people just give answers from either their own opinions which are most likely wrong unless supported by real evidence from Quran or Ahadith. I strongly discourage opinion giving. Alot of people also give answers according to the knowledge they got from an Imam, without even trying to find proofs, this is very bad please do not do this, if you want to give knowledge you got from an Imam or even if it is the greatest Shaikh/scholar in the world, give the proofs from Quran or Sunnah.

  2. Most answers to a question aren't even answers, they are comments to other answers. Please do not use the answer feature to comment on other answers use the comment feature to comment on other answers or question.

Also if you want to provide a Fatwa, provide the Fatwa from a reliable source from a reliable scholar. Read this to see what the qualities of a Mujtahid (someone who has the right to give a fatwa) must meet Link: ( I can tell you right now that most schoalrs today don't even meet this, please if you can do not get a Fatwa from an online Mufti and give it as an answer here.

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This is because most of us don't have good knowledge about Qur'an and Sunnah. If we had that much knowledge, do you think we would have that much time to use this site? This problem could be solved if all of us were at least Alims. But that isn't required, because there are many other sites which have their own qualified Scholars to answer our questions. The way I see it, this isn't a Q&A forum, it's more like a site where you can spend your pastime.

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This is because people these not asking question about ISLAM but their personal problem. So they have been aswered according to their problem. Yes some of us is using answer field to give their comment. And you @Al Ummat know them , please specify their names, so that they get care of it...

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