In our culture here in South Africa there are some things we do after someone passes away. We read the quraan, do Thikr and make dua for 7 days after death then again on the 40th day and then again on the 100th day. Is this permissable in Islam?

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With my knowledge this is not permissible in Islam and even if you read Quran and make dhikir every day nothing will change because the person who dies will stand upon himself and the things he have put on. If you are a practicing person and makes dua to him then inshallah it will be answered but first he will have he´s punishment and if he dies as a kaffir(non-believer) nothing can help him except ALLAH.

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Salam Alaikum, please do not give answers according to your knowledge. If your knowledge can not have citations or proofs from the Quran or Sunnah then it is incorrect. Please find citations from Quran, sunnah, or reliable sources to backup your answer.

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