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I came to this forum in hopes that someone could give me a little insight on a situation regarding my best friend. She is a Caucasian female who was raised Christian in the United States but decided to convert to Islam due to her strong beliefs in the religion. She met a Muslim man from Pakistan and they began falling in love with each other. However, his family would never approve of their relationship and would not want him to marry her even though she did convert before meeting him. Is this more of a cultural belief than a religious one? Does it have to do with race? She is very heartbroken about this and I don't know what advice to give her. Thank you.

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Hi friend it seems to me a family problem than religious problem coz Islam gives full right to marry by their choice as long as both are Muslim.. as u mentioned that both the girl and the guy is Muslim so they r most welcome to marry each other in Islamic point of view irrespective of any difference such as race, color, social status, culture or financial differences. In fact Islam gives full right for the bride and groom to decide for their marriage, the only thing that Islam demands is both have to be believer i.e Muslim. But i also want to tell u my friend as u mentioned in ur question that the guy is a Pakistani so I see that is a problem coz there is a social differences in this part of the world.. I am an Indian and as such Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indians have this problem that the family always come in between and decides everything and the worst is that they are conservative and judges so many things like family background, financial condition etc. I want to tell u that we have the history of racism in India, and Pakistan and Bangladesh was part of India once so we are still suffering from that sickness. We have accepted Islam which promotes no difference between one Muslim to another one but Indian racist blood is still in our vein. As for suggestion I want to tell u that if the guy has guts to marry the girl then he should not hesitate becoz the girl is a Muslima and he will do a good thing in the sight of Islam. let the world know that Islam stand above racism.

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