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Can we watch Teleserials like CID, Crime Patrol etc which are based on crime search and we get knowledge after watching it. Also can we watch laughing Teleserial??

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I dnt see any verse in the Quran or any teaching of Hadith which prohibits entertainment. It only prohibits vulgarity, nudity, indecent things etc. You should understand that there are always 2 kind of knowledge.. good knowledge and bad knowledge. So u should be sure to choose between the two. And remember that no entertainment should take u away from Allah, it should not turn u away from ur responsibilities, duties and most importantly you should not get addicted to it. I watched some of the episodes of those serials and programs.. crime petrol mostly talks about rape and killing.. I am afraid that those sense of rape does not damage our normal way of thinking. Comedy shows are at its highest level of vulgarity I watched them. so u need to make a choice now.

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