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Is it permissible to rub hair gel in hairs..but hair gel contains on of the ingredient :Alcohol.. Please give Answer with source or reference..

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If the gel which you are using contains intoxicating alcohol, then it is unlawful to use them (as wine is impure according to the opinion of scholars). It is unlawful for the person to use impure things except in urgent necessity and there is no necessity in this case. On the other hand, if alcohol has disappeared totally through the process of manufacturing and no longer intoxicates as it has changed into a different thing then, it becomes lawful to use it. The prayer of the person putting on perfumes containing intoxicating things is not valid unless the impurity is removed.

according to my knowledge being a science student-

The ethyl alcohol or ethanol is the only alcohol which is Haram because it causes intoxication. Ethyl alcohol is obtained from fermentation of sugar by yeast cells. Synthetic ethyl alcohol is obtained from ethylene gas and both are Haram because both cause intoxication.

Not all alcohols are Haram because they do not cause intoxication. These are fatty alcohols, sugar alcohols. The fatty alcohols are obtained from fat (they are Haram if they obtained from pork fat and if they obtained from vegetable fat then they are Halal) but not from fermentation of sugar in fruits such as grape and dates. Sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol and they are obtained from fruit tree, and plant sources. Sugar alcohols are Halal ingredients.

I would finally conclude by saying plz tell me the kind of alcohol in the ingredients of your hairgel that I can help you out whether that alcohol causes intoxication or not..:)

and ALLAH knows the best...!!

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propylene glycol is considered HALAL as it is a sugar alcohol...!(refer my first answer)

and as for the SD ALCOHOL 40-B(general name is ethyl alcohol)-

as I mentioned in my first answer that ethyl alcohol is considered haram because it causes intoxication..!!

plz vote and accept both my answers if u are satisfied..!!


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Propylene glycol,SD ALCOHOL 40-B

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Sis,1 is halal and 2nd is haram,so what to do?

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bro u can use it but you have to wash it off properly before offering namaz...if u can do this then there is no problem in applying it..:) my brother does the same..:)

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JazakAllah..Thankyou very much..sis.. There is also an Ingredient in it named as Sorbitol,what abt this?

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@aaliya @Aadil : can't you all make conversation in comment field? why you all are using answer field for your comments?

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@irfan..whatever answer I gav was the actual answers to his question who anyone would give up...just check out my answers once again and see whether it should be written in the answer field or the comment field..!!!

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SORBITOL is a sugar alcohol which is mostly used in food products as nutritive sweeteners...again it is a sugar alcohol so it is completely halal...:)

you are most welcomed..!! waiyyakum..!

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yes it is ....

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