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I was told by a friend that if i have not prayed Magrib namaz with in 20 mins of it started then my namz becomes kaza

This this true?

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Jarir ibn Abdullah narrated that the Angel Jibrael (a.s.) came to the Messenger of Allah (saws) and said to him, "Stand and pray," he came at sunset and said, "Stand and pray," and they prayed the sunset (magrib) prayer when the sun had just disappeared. Then he came at night and said, "Stand and pray" and they prayed the night (isha) prayer when the twilight had disappeared.

[Related by Bukhari, Ahmad, an-Nasa'i and at-Tirmidhi. ]

In light of the above guidance, if one prays the prescribed prayer between the two specified periods, their prayer will be considered on-time; and it was the preferred Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saws) to offer the prescribed obligatory prayers at its earliest times.

Thus in light of the above guidance the prayer which is considered valid are as follows:

Magrib: Starts when the sun has completely set until the twilight disappears.

Isha: Starts when the twilight completely disappears and is dark, and ends when half the night has passed.

as far as I know it is true in INDIA ,that the maghrib namaz gets kaza in 20 minutes as the sun sets very fast...!! ( I am not aware about the other countries)....!!

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jazakallah wa khairan...!!

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