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I have a question as you all know im a 10 years old muslim and i go to public school im in 4th grade and i need to ask a question if im not able to use the bathroom because if i use it allah said wash it but i have nothing to wash it with i need to know what do i do other muslims at school do it they go to the bathroom and pee and i can barely hold it so i need an answer from the elder because they had an experience because they must've went to school when they were younger and they had the same problem so please i needc to know i dont wanna be peeing my pants and be embarassed so any suggestion please thank you you must've evperienced it

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brother that has not been a problem for me in school coz we had water to clean.. but now i work in a company and the company has no water supply in washroom. what I do is that i go to toilet rather than open washroom and in toilet there is water. that might help u. or else u can carry a water bottle.

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Asslamo a'lykom. A bottle of water and toilet paper 'handkerchief'. You can put some water on the handkerchief then clean yourself as you can. When you get home clean yourself well. If you couldn't or you ran out of water then it is ok, When you get home, clean yourself. Take it easy. There is always a way. Allah knows best.

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