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The jesus said" YOU SHOULD HAVE TO BELIEVE THE PROPHET AFTER ME HIS NAME IS[AHMAD]THAT'S MUHD PBUH.So why u should not respect his word.thanks A I Gwale.

where is that said? Can you give the source?

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I meant other than the Qoran. Sorry I should had clarified.

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Thanks for the references Al Ummat.

Just a small clarification before I proceed with my comments. In Greek it should be 'paraklitos', pronounced 'parakleetos'. There is a big difference between 'para-' and 'peri-'. When you have 'peri-' at the beginning of the word it usually gives the sense of 'around', like for example in the word 'periphery' which is of greek origin. When you have 'para-' it means 'next to'. In greek this is written παράκλητος.

But it seems that Jesus is refering to the holy spirit using this term. He says:

16 καί εγώ ερωτήσω τον πατέρα καί άλλον παράκλητον δώσει υμίν, ίνα μένη μεθ' υμών είς τον αιώνα,

17 το Πνεύμα της αληθείας, ο ο κόσμος ου δύναται λαβείν, ότι ου θεωρεί αυτό ουδέ γινώσκει αυτό υμείς δεν γινώσκετε αυτό, ότι παρ' υμίν μένει και εν υμίν έσται.

By the way, the intonation is mistaken. It has changed over time and on my pc I can only type with the modern greek intonation.

So he says, in my free translation,

16 and I will ask [my] father to give you another counselor (I would prefer this alternative), to stay with you forever,

17 the spirit of truth...

so, paraclete refers to the spirit of truth. I've seen King James has put an 'even' there (even the spirit of truth) but there is no such word in the original text.

Anyhow... John keeps quoting Jesus to have said "my father" quite a lot of times, I suppose you don't accept that part, so it's kind of strange why you find validity in some verses whereas not in others. It's like picking up what suits you, if you get what I mean. :)

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