Afew days ago I was asked by a Co worker(non muslim) whether Can Allah, the most high, create something heavier than himself? I tried to explain to them but for some reason they wouldn't understand Can you please give me a straight forward answer so I will tell them InshAllah

JazakAllah Khairan

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Dear sister, first of all tell ur friend to get out of this mindset that Allah has weight, height, volume etc. Allah is not a person or thing that we can imagine or picturize of. Sometime people gets confused that Allah is a person like heavenly father of Christianity but Allah could not be compared to anything that we can imagine in this world. So first u need to tell them what Allah is and try to change their concept of Allah they have in their mind. Quote the verse" say, Allah one and only, he is absolute and eternal, he does not beget, nor he is begotten, and there is nothing like onto him" so the last part of the verse"..there nothing like onto him" says that nothing could be imagined or compared with Allah. The Quran gives 99 attributes of Allah, like most gracious, most merciful, most knowledgeable etc. but none of the attributes are like Father, Son, Holy Ghost who might have height, mass, volume, weight, image or look etc. So ur friends have wrong concept of Allah maybe coz may be they think of christian concept of god.

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JazakAllah Khairan for your response, I actually said the same thing but yes I think this just the way they think of their concept of god.

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@maryam_1 commented this in answer field (has been deleted, posted here).... Assalamoalaikum JazakAllah Khairan for your response, I actually said the same thing but yes I think this just the way they think of their concept of god.

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Dear sister if your argument was not convincing to them then I think can try 1 more way. I think your friends mean to ask that if Allah can create something which is better than Allah in some aspect, specially in weight but actually they r trying to test the power of Allah, that is actually the concern of their question. So lets see.. We know that Allah is most powerful. Nothing could be more powerful than Allah. Now Allah can do anything and create anything, but if Allah cant create anything then that thing does not exist or does not make any sense. Allah only creates and does something that makes sense. for example: can you draw a triangle with 4 corners? can u give me a red colored white ball? can u count upto 13th month of a year?. these are some questions that does not make sense coz such things does not make sense neither they exist nor could be existed. So asking can Allah create heavier thing than Allah is a question with no sense coz that thing can not exist neither it could be existed coz Allah has no beginning, no ending. when Allah is most superior then there is no question of existence of more superior being than Allah. coz that thing is logically senseless.

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