The answer is Masjid-e-Zirrar. But the question is why Allah dont like it and ordered Muhammad (PBUH)to destruct it??? Provide complete Information...

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Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

'There was a man from Al-Khazraj called 'Abu 'Amir ar-Rahib (a monk)' This mand embraced Christianity before Islam and read the scriptures. During the time of Jahiliyyah, Abu 'Amir was known for being a worshipper and being a notable person among Al-Khazraj. When the Messenger of Allaah (S) arrived at Al-Madinah after the Hijrah, the Muslims gathered around him and the word of Islam was triumphant on the day of Badr, causing Abu 'Amir, to choke on his own saliva and announce his enmity to Islam. He fled from Al-Madinah to the idolators of Quraish in Makkah to support them in the war against the Messenger of Allaah (s). The Quraish united their forces and the bedouins who joined them for the battle of Uhud, during which Allaah tested the Muslims, but the good end is always for the pious and righteous people. The rebellious Abu 'Amir dug many holes in the ground between the two camps, into one of which the Messenger (s) fell, injuring his face. He also sustained a head injury. Before the fighting started, Abu 'Amir approached his people among the ansar and tried to convince them to support and agree with him. When they recognized him, they said 'May Allaah never burden an eye by seeing you O Faasiq, O enemy of Allaah' they cursed him and he went back declaring 'By Allaah, Evil has touched my people after I left' The Messenger (s) call Abu 'Amir and recited the Quran to him before his flight to Makkah, but he refused to embrace Islam and rebelled. The Messenger (s) invoked Allaah that Abu 'Amir die as an outcast in an alien land, and his invocation came true. After the battle of Uhud was finished, Abu'Amir realized that the messenger's (s) call was still rising and gaining momentum, so he went to Heraclius, the emperor of Rome, asking for his aid against the Prophet (s). Heraclius gave him promises and Abu 'Amir remained with him. He also wrote to several of his people in Al-Madinah, who embraced hypocrisy, promising that he will lead an army to fight the Messenger of Allaah (s) to defeat him and his call. He ordered them to establish a stronghold where he would join them later. These hypocrites built a masjid next tot eh Masjid Quba' and they finished building it before the Messenger (s) went to Tabuk. They went tot he Messenger (s) inviting him to pray in their masjid so that it would be a proof that the Messenger (s) approved of their masjid. They told him that they built the Masjid for the weak and ill persons on rainy nights. However, Allaah (ta) prevented His messenger (s) from praying in that masjid. He said to them 'When we come back from our travel In Sha Allaah' When the messenger (s) returned from Tabuk and was approximately one or two days away from Al-Madinah, Jibreel came down to him with the news about masjid Az-Zirar and teh disbelief and division between the believers, who were in Masjid Quba' (which was built on piety from the first day), that Masjid Az-Zirar was meant to achieve. Therefore, the Messenger of Allaah sent some people to the masjid to destroy it before he reached Madinah. 'Ali ibn Talhah reported that Ibn Abbas said about this verse 9:107 - They are some people of Ansar to whom Aub 'Amir said, 'Build a Masjid and prepare whatever you can of power and weapons, for I am headed towards Ceasar, emporor of Rome, to bring soldiers with whom I will expel Muhammad and his companions' When they built thier masjid they went to the prophet (s) and said to him 'We finished building our masjid and we would like you to pray in it and invoke Allaah (ta) to bless su' Allaah revealed the verse: {9:108 Do not stand [for prayer] within it - ever. A mosque founded on righteousness from the first day is more worthy for you to stand in. Within it are men who love to purify themselves; and Allah loves those who purify themselves.} (Excerpt from Tafseer Ibn Katheer)

And Allaah knows best

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Good answer but little long. Try to keep short. voted up...

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Jazaakallaahu khaira

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Quraan Surah At-Tawba , Ayah 107 - 110

who took for themselves a mosque for causing harm and disbelief and division among the believers and as a station for whoever had warred against Allah and His Messenger before.

They built it, to use it to destroy Islam!

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The demolition or burning of Masjid al-Dirar ( Arabic : مسجد الضرار ‎), also referred to as the Mosque of Opposition, the Mosque of Dissent, or the Mosque of Harm is mentioned in the Qur'an . Masjid al-Dirar was a Medinian mosque that was erected close to the Quba' Mosque and which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad {S.a.w} initially approved of but subsequently had destroyed while he was returning from the Battle of Tabuk (which occurred in October 630 AD [ 1 ] ). There are 2 version of what happened in this event. [ 2 ] . In the main account narrated by the majority of scholars, the mosque was built by twelve disaffected men from the Ansar on the commands of Abu 'Amir al-Rahib; a Christian monk who refused Muhammad's invitation to Islam and instead fought along with the Meccan non-Muslims against Islam in the Battle of Uhud . [ 3 ] Abu 'Amir reportedly urged his men to establish a stronghold and prepare whatever they can of power and weapons as he promised and insinuated to them that he will lead an army, backed by Heraclius , to fight Muhammad {S.a.w} and his companions , and defeat his message by expelling him from Medina . [ 4 ] Ahmad ibn Yahya al-Baladhuri however, also relates that the Mosque was built by some men who refused to pray in Masjid al-Quba because it was built in a place where a donkey was tied up. [ 5 ] Muhammad {S.a.w} prepared himself to go to the Mosque, before he was prevented by a revelation about the hypocrisy and ill design of the builders of the Mosque [ 2 ] Muhammad {S.a.w} and his companions believed they were Hypocrites ( munafiqs ) and had ulterior motivesfor building the Al-Dirar mosque. Thus he ordered his men to burn it down. [ 4 ] [ 6 ] According to the Islamic tradition, Muhammad {S.a.w} was asked to lead prayer there but received a revelation (mentioned in the Qur'anic verses 9:107 and 9:110 [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] ) in consequence of which the mosque was destroyed by fire. Hencerforth, it wasknown as the Mosque of Opposition.

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