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Dear Sir/ Madam,

Asalamualaikum, I'm Fahima Alam Tamanna, from Bangladesh. My younger sister found a newly born puppy at the roadside in very poor condition. The mother of the puppy abandoned it, It was dying. So my sister took it and brought it to our house. It is so young that if we keep it outside other dogs or cats may kill it. So we are keeping it in our house to protect it. We'll keep it outside when it'll be able to protect itself. until that, are we doing a Haram work? Pls I want to know details about it. I'll be waiting for you answer. Thank you.

Regards, Fahima

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Assalamalaikoma rahmatullah e wabarakaaatuu, dear,

You are saving a dog>An animal,>The creation of Allah. It really depends if it is haram or not. If the dog stays dirty, it is haram. But, if you always take care of it and you always do the wuduh properly, it is obvisouly not haram. Go to the veterinarian if it has parasites. Clean it daily as you would clean yourself, same as we would all do to a little child ;) .

        Good luck and I hope it really helped.
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