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I am now afraid of riba. We are four friends, who decided to start business.we approached govt who helped us in a way by providing money for business. But govt provided us 35% of money ( in return that we will not demand govt service ) and rest 65% was provided by bank on 11% interest. So we four decided to take this govt scheme seperately and work together. Now the business is in full swing and money is also returning back. We have our proposed pay back period of 7 years and we will pay it before time. Now somewhere in my heart I am feeling guilty that I have taken this loan that is riba based and I am strongly repenting and I want to leave this bussiness immediately. So I have asked my partners that I will leave with all my shares named after them, inturn they will repay the money with interest. I dont want a single penny nor I want to stay and they have said OK.Now I want to know am I relieved from the sin of riba or it will continue till I repay ? If I stay with guilt in my heart and complete repayment, what will be fate of the unit? Will be it riba based or what? If no then please suggest me a way out.please please please.

Owais Alam Kashmir, India

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