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Assalam 'alaikom, I'd love to listen to professional answers to this. I'm a happily married convert for a few years, alhamdulillah. These days I feel angry about people who try to verbally attack me just because of the fact that I converted to Islam just before marriage. Yes, my then-boyfriend brought islam into my life. But thanks to his choice and Allah, I chose to believe in this religion, and now I'm confident that this is the very truth in the universe as I read on al-quran and ahadith. I know that Allah is nearer to our jugular veins and He knows everything in humans' heart, but I feel very sad when such people become mean to me and this makes me doubt my faith. Thesedays I keep asking myself "Am I a hypocrite as s/he told me? If I'm one, are all the prayers and fasting I perform considered vain? Am I wasting my time? Will I ever get Allah's good attention?". For that, I'm quite nervous mingling with born-muslims, some of whom want to attack me. Furthermore, I just found out that there are some verses across al-quran saying "Some people openly say that they believe in Allah but actually they are not believers.". My question is, am I a hypocrite?

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Salam, thank you so much for your reply. You have reminded me in my deepest guts of the fact that Allah knows what I have in mind. All of these nuisances distract me sometimes, but I must be stronger in faith.

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wa alaikum assalam wa rehmatullah

Dont let people make you weaker in your faith. I know that there are many muslims who often find it interesting on "chit-chatting" on these topics. Neglect and Ignore them as ALLAH knows what your heart conceals and not the people. have patience and trust on ALLAH and surely you will be included among good-doers.

The verse of surah baqarah that you are talking about is for the non-believers who just want to misguide muslims from their path. they(non-believers) say they believe in ALLAH and the message and act as true muslims in front of the believers and in alone they praise the shaytan and they think that they have deceived the believers. regarding this ALLAH says "they have deceived none other but themselves."

It all depends on the kind of faith you are having,sister.if you are just reading the holy Quran and offering Namaz without any intention of pleasing ALLAH and just to show your husband that you have converted with full faith will include you among the hypocrites. hypocrites are the ones who talk more and their action is less. dont unnecessarily think that you are among hypocrites when your faith is alhamdullilah good on ALLAH and the QURAN. you should always think positive and try to become pious in your faith and inshAllah one of the righteous among muslims.


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