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salam i have a question because alot of people are editing on and my question is how do we edit for a very exellent question also can you edit if someone else edited? Jazakummal khairun

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@asif @Al Ummat: Point to be noted is that, asif has restricted the karma point from 10 to 1 while joining and 5 karma point must be needed to add a comment. So new users are facing problem while commenting on the question as happened with @Shoumi question, Is it bad sign to wear one bangle? @Iman Nabil asked in comment what is bangle brother Shoumi cannot comment as she dont have enough point to do so. So she answered, hand ornament. Fix this problem. Either increase the karma point while joining or decrease the reputation point to 1 for comment.

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What is karma any ways and reputation?????

(Nov 21 '12 at 00:39) Iman Nabil Iman%20Nabil's gravatar image

It's fixed, thanks for letting me know.

(Nov 21 '12 at 06:31) asif ♦♦ asif's gravatar image
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