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plx plx plx dont take me wrong but i have to ask ,someone told me that masterbation is allowed in islam ni some conditions and he have proof from a well known islamic scholar (as he said) plx plx explain me as soon as possible

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Assalamalaikoma rahmatullah e wabarakatoh, Dear brother,

Masturbation, inciting ejaculation by using one's hand or any other object (For Man or Women) is unlawful as is proven in the Quran. It's harms are great.

Allah describes the people of faith: “And those who guard their chastity except with their wives or those whom their right hand possess" – for them is no blame.

There many sayings WHICH ARE FALSELY ATTRIBUTED to the Sahaba’s regarding their leniency towards Masturbation. MASTURBATION IS HARAAM.

                                          I hope it helped.
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