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I am teenager and I have been reading about the harms of music and alcohol. I have been, if I may tell you, sining for several years now. I read that a house with music and alcohol is cursed and prayers are not accepted. Well, my house is full of alcohol and music! I am very confused. Have I been sining because of these things in my house? Should I not be so hard on myself? How can my prayers be accepted? I feel like some shaitan has gotten a hold of me for years. How do I know I'm cursed? How can I be cured and stop sining while in this house ishallah? I feel guilty of my past sins but I keep sining and would be relieved to know if the root of my ill's stems from this predicament. If feel awful and have always sought to be a good person ishallah and hope this was the main reason for my problems. Thank you so very much.

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Assalamalaikomarahmatullahewabarakatuu! Dear brother, I am also a teenager. So, I'm going to sincerly tell you what I think about it.

Did you know music make your brain really slow and you become very lazy. What do you really gain by listening musics? Do you know the lyrics of every song you know? Some people just listen music and they can't think clearly. What do we really gain by listening musics? Temporary joy? I never listen music and I can see the difference of someone who listen musics and somone who doesn't.

Alright then, brother, if music make you feel that you are going in the wrong direction by not praying Allah, I'm recommending you to not listen music.

If you have some cassettes of music that you sometime hear when you really dont know what to do, your prayer are sureley accepted. If you have musics but it doesn't prevent you from praying, it's all good. Your prayers are not for Allah, but it is for yourself. For your afterlife.

Allah accept your prayers because you prostrate to him dear brother!

Alcohol is haraam. It is alot of waste of water. It has affect on your mind and body. It's better to not touch those things.

If you can keep the Alcohol in your house? My answer is no. Why? Because Allah said(in the Qu'ran) that Alcohol is haram. Why you must get rid of it? because you might try it one day. How can you try alcohol one day if you even don't want? Well, because there is Shayatan who is going to make you drink it.

Remember: Whenever you sin, do some better action so Allah can forgive you by reading the Qu'ran, praying, etc.

If you think there is too much Shayateen in the house, go pray by forcing your body & mind to listen to you, because you obviously have 100% control of your body.

And also remember!: Whenever you have a problem, difficulty, etc. , always ask Allah to help you.

                                                     I hope it really helped.
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Thank you so much for your answers. I feel these things have corrupted over the years causing me to committ sins.It is members of my family that have used these things and not me,but I feel it has had a spillover effect on me. I have not known these dangers since I have recently started practising Islam.

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Discuss with your family! That's the problem! If the family is doing this, the function of the family is in chaos

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