I'm a convert and I'm wondering if you can tell me the Islamic way to respond to adultery in my family (who are not Muslim)?

My grandfather had Alzheimer's Disease (a terminal disease that makes a person forget who anyone is, eventually killing the person) and he was living in a medical care home for 3 years.

My grandmother began committing adultery about a year ago while my grandfather was still alive and she was still married to him.

My grandfather died last week and his funeral is this weekend. If the adulterous man my grandmother is in a relationship with comes to the funeral, how should I respond as a Muslim? Ignore him or confront him and calmly tell him I think adultery is immoral? Please help!

I'm not an angry person but I'm afraid my grief and disgust towards their actions, will not allow me to even stay at the funeral if the adulterer is there.

I know my situation is unusual and I pray to God that you may have an answer to help me.

Thank you and may you be blessed in this life and the hereafter!

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I hope this will help andI am not late answering.

As for such of the unbelievers as do not fight against you on account of your faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, Allah does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave toward them with full equity. Indeed, Allah loves those who act equitably. (Surah Al-Mumtahinah 60:8)

Kindness to non-Muslim parents does not depend on what religion they follow. Even if they worship idols, we are supposed to be kind to them. It is true that such kindness may help win them over to Islam. This is, however, not the only reason. The parent-child relationship transcends matters of personal inclinations, desires, habits, creeds and faith. It is well known that a parent tries hard to overcome his prejudice against something if he feels that his son or daughter likes it. Islam does not like to stir trouble in every family where the parents are not Muslims. It recognizes that the parent-child tie need not be broken on account of faith. It, therefore, instructs its followers to be kind to their non-Muslim parents.

Verses from the Quran and also there are stories from hadeeths. So you should know how and what do to. Also pray that Allah will guide them to the right path.

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