I have recently become a muslim and have been reading about the harms of music.

I read music casues desire in the heart and causes someone to committ fornification.

I have quit listening to music but music is constantly stuck in my head and I am tapping my body to it.

Does this mean I am possed by a jinn or devil? Am I cursed? Blackmagic?

I suffer from an addiction, if I may tell you, I watch lewd things and do istimna, and I feel music is the root of my problem. Everytime I listen to any music in my head or otherwise, I get exicted and have desire. Why am I commiting these sins?

I want help for my addiction.

I hope once this music is out of my head or jinn, I can be cured of my addiction.

Thank you.

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Music, and poetry is based often on the number four, as are many human structures - the rhymes, repetition and sound of music is also based on pleasing harmonic form. Singing is a very pure musical expression.

Some forms of music promote unethical attitudes and so on, it is up to you to fine music that you want to listen to and to listen to it in moderation.

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is all kinds of music is not pernitted in islam?

(May 19 '13 at 09:51) sara ahmed sara%20ahmed's gravatar image

The best cure Listen to the Quran. There are many sheikhs with beautiful recitation One the Quran and it's beautiful words enter your heart and mind Nothing can ever replace it Then you wi'll have no desire for music.

The Quran will cure it.

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ASSULAMLAKUM i congratuate u for coming to islam try listening to lecture it guides the heqrt to the straight way and informs u y music is harwm and creates a stronger iman for u

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Salaam Try and avoid listening to music as much as you can... Its shaitaan who is making all the music stick in ur head... Happened to me too... I began replacing music with nasheeds

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