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Assalamualaikum everyone, actually the problem is, ALhumdulilah I am now in college, and the decision of what career path I should go for is just so unclear. Honestly I have no idea what I should do at all, is there some dua or something to clear the confusion and for Allah to help me make the right choice?


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Salam You should do istikhar. Which means taking advice from ALLAH. You hve to pray 2nafil hajat before bedtime & read dua of istikhar & goto sleep. You will get your answer in dream if you dont get answer in1 day pratice this for 7 days. Its not neccessary that you will get dream, it canalso be that your heart will direct you more towards the thing thats best for you as you did istikhar ALLAH will guide you. Make a habit of doing istikhara for every decision in your life, that removes confusionalt text

I attached the dua if you have any questins how to read & what to do. Do let me know JAZAKALLAH KHIR REMEMBER ME IN YOUR PRAYERS.

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