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Are non-Muslims who reject Muhammad and resist Islamic rule considered to be "innocent persons" in Islam?

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In Islam these type of non musliums are called " Brainless Persons"

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Everyone is innocent to proven guilty. And what makes the others who do not believe in Muhammad and the islamic way the brainless persons? That really are mocking others who do not believe in prophet Muhammad and the islamic way, and that is just to make the believers become confident that they now believe its the right belief of God. It is really just a trick I am sorry to say and you know who does this tricks. Not God...

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it is brainless without thinking and without any research you keep on associating falsehood to Allah(GOD).without true knowledge keep on arguing,Hiding the truth and spreading false hood. By seeing the sign of lord of the worlds still act like a brainless persons .is a dead person or alive person are equal? IS a deaf or person who hear and respond to you are equal ? Muhammad s.a.w is(Islamic way) no difference.if u think guiding humanity,speaking truth is trick then i m sorry to say u r brainless . Quran is a sign for the people who got wisdom .Every book Bible,Veda pointing toward Muhammad did he ask u for money no he just want you to believe in truth if u didn't then he just a warner. Are u waiting for the punishment to be guided?

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Why are unbelievers like only allowed in this site i pray that any time you want to talk bad about islam.ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA SHOULD DESTROY THAT YOUR HAND.INSHA ALLAH.YOU ARE REALLY Frustrating me

(Jan 11 '13 at 06:36) abdulrasaqtoheeb11 abdulrasaqtoheeb11's gravatar image

No,they are called kafirs and their abode in the hereafter/next world/ is HELL

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In Islam, refusing Allah (S.W.T) or associate any partners with Allah (S.W.T) is the biggest sin and a person who does that have no good portion is hereafter.

However, if that Non-Muslim person is a good human being, loyal and honest. Muslims are commanded to treat that person in good manners and Allah (S.W.T) will give the reward of his good deeds in this world. But his last destination will only be Hell Fire.

Hope this the answer of your question.

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One who does not believes that Prophet Muhammad existed, and considers himself/herself as a Muslim, is just a human being that is destined for hell.

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Well there is a certain amount of people who are good people but dont believe in islam but they will be taken to heaven because although they dont take an interest in islam they are good people and just to specify everyone is born a muslim but people who reject it are bad muslims theres really no such thing as a non muslim just bad muslims i suppose.-aqibA

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yes they are ,, being christian and jewish is a given right by Allah , and there are goods with them. after all , there is no prophet now and so they dont reject anyone.

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Why do you keep giving that site ? Just wondering.

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Web address removed

@hizballah: you are now warned not to advertise your website here, otherwise you will be banned.

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