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I read that prayers are invalied when alcohol, dogs, pictures,and statues are in ones house.

All these things are in my house.

In my room, I have taken out most haram things but I have a picture.

Are my prayers invalid beacues of these things?

I am addictied to fornification on internet and istimna.

Can I make my room halal and validae prayers?


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Salaamalaikum dear brother,

  • Alcohol invalid your prayers when it is in your house because Shaytaan will make you try it one day.

  • It says that dog that have parasites won't let you stay clean and will break your wudu. As long the dog stays clean, there shouldn't' be a problem

  • Generations to generations, your family(after few year), they might think that the picture you have might be their god (well it seriously depends in the situation). But, if you have pictures in front of you when your praying, the prayers will go to the... Picture.

  • The same thing goes with statues (someone help another one and to remember to helper, Shaytaan will give you the idea to make the statue of the helper to remember him. Later, people will admire it and think it is their god)

Your prayers will be accepted (till you don't have haram thing) as long you prostrate to Allah.

Inshallah I hope it helped.

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All your actions will be judged according to your intentions. Allah knows best

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Its not that much complicated brother. If you have taken out all the haram things except pictures. So what I can suggest you is that when you offer salaah you should turn the picture (If it has a frame) or put down the picture side. However you should read the following hadith,

"Abu Talha (R.A) reported Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) having said: Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture."

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