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salams :) im 15 years old and ive had some problems over the last two days... Well ive had someone tell me that a bunch of guys were calling me really bad names and giveing me a bad reputation over things that are not even true and i was shocked that anyone would even speak filthy things like this..the person who told me this also told me to keep it a secret but to confront them and tell them to please stop because it makes me feel uncomfitable. So i kept his secret but also kept everything isdide and each day id have deeper and deeper depression untill 2 days ago when i just let everything out and told them to stop..they said thyve never said anything and kept assking me who told me this stuff..i never told them they found out some way..So now there all argueing about it and everyones eyes is on me including the person who told this stuff..They started making it as if was making all lies u but reallt i wasent i got told this everyone is agaiset me when all i ever wanted to do was get it off my cheast and stop thinking about it..even all my friends are moving away from me when i havent done naything to them..I just want all this to stp..i want to get away from all of this and start over but whenever i try i think about how im going to walk in school the next day having all eyes on me..i cant take it.. Please help me..

Dear brother..dont be Depressed..Insha-Allah,Allah {S.w.t} will help he is the Superb helper..As Allah {S.w.t} knows that u have done nothing wrong,so dont fear anyone..Insha-Allah..he will restore everything..

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assulamlkum I understand it is hard time for you and u feel so lost so afraid and u feel like doin nothing but just sitting and crying but remember no matter how hard ur problem is allah knows and allah(swt) never puts a burden that u can never handle. Allah(swt) tests those he loves, allah (swt) is testing ur patients ur iman so be strong and dont let lies and backbiting get in ur way. Hve faith and read Quran and inshallah Allah the most merciful will make the difficult easy for you and will fill you ur heart with happiness and laughter. Be staed fast in prayer and ask allah for help becasue allah listens to all calls for prayer and he knows all that is in the hearts of mankind and rember that when u feel all alone in this world and thers nobody to count your tears, just remember allah knows, so there is none that can make this time for u easy except allah, so put ur trust and faith in allah, and u know u done nothing wrong so be strong. and inshallah everything will be fine i ask allah to give u patience throught this hard time and make u stron remember u have nothing to worry allah is ur protector and sustainer WASLALM

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Hey Dont worry about it too much! Go to the person who told u and have a chat with him... Was it true what he said? If not tell them he told u... Dont suffer because of all this.

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