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I am married for three months and my husband has become tired of me because I do not get enough of sexual intercourse. After intercourse I still feel desire to be pleased again. Then he becomes angry and tells me that life is not only about sex. I feel ashamed then and I do not know what to do then, because I can not control myself at the moment. I still try to kiss him on sensitive spots to persuade him to still have intercourse with me, but then he has slapped me. He told me that my behaviour was like a prostitute. I feel so ridiculous and I do not know what to do anymore. What is the islamic solution for this problem?

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I am sorry I came across your message. You wanting to be sexually active with your husband is perfectly normal. To be honest your husband is a lucky man. I really hope your husband seeks medical attention to see if everything is ok with his libido. Also, if he hits you again, that is wrong. You do not deserve that. Inshallah be safe. Imams have praised a wife who discards shyness when she is with her husband. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) says, “The best woman among you is the one who discards the armor of shyness when she undresses for her husband, and puts on the armor of shyness when she dresses up again.” After all, modesty and chastity in public is the hallmark of a Muslim lady. But acting like "a prostitute" to only your husband, makes you a good wife. So do not beat yourself up and don't let him do it either. Khudaa haafiz sister.

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Can someone please answer me? I am almost having a divorce because of this. I have read somewhere that if a muslimwife denies sex to her husband, she will be cursed by the angels. Does this also count when the muslimhusband denies sex to his wife? And is he actually allowed to deny? This is getting my marriage down and I feel very inferior and not-wanted. My feelings are like a rollercoaster. I don't understand that my husband compares me to unmodest women and calls me names like that. My whole self esteem has been damaged, I sometimes get anger attacks because of this. I cannot place this. Can someone please help me, with hadiths or Quran verses? How can I save my marriage?

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I am not sure for the reason behind your high libido or in other words desires for sex more than regular levels..... but that can be disussed some other time. However the elephant in the room or the problem in hand is more likely caused by your unsatisfying penile intercourse with your husband, withour ending into an orgasm. And on top of it your insisting to get more from your husband putting him in more stress and leading to both the loss of penile erection and performance anxiety as double whamy for him. I will suggest you to just relax and ask your husband to use other ways of bringing you to climax or orgasm, something like using his fingers. You can also try to stimulate your clitoris while he is having intercourse with you so that you can climax quickly. I will also ask you to seek a doctor advice for having some sort of rashes or pinworm infection near your clitrois, these two can cause a peristant itch and invariably cause you to touch or rub those sensual parts of your body and thus lead you to be aroused for long time. I am not sure if you have heared about KY Jelly's, which are supposed to be good stimulant and you can apply to your vagina or your husband's penis helping you to climax quickly as well as it helps your husband to have a lasting erection to help you reaching the climax.

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Here is article that deals with low sexual desire male and female first read it then Decrease sexual desire what are the causes of decrease sexual desire in male female check your husband to doctor may be he suggest something that increase sexual desire and you get better intercourse Food For sexuality

these are simple foods that increase demand for sex according to hadees

use dates with butter that increase sexuality it is good for health too

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Sister,ur husband might be sexually weak..take him to doctor ..and Insha-Allah..Allah will save ur marriage and Insha-Allah,you will be satisfied then..

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