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A Sunni Muslim Woman (26 years old) from Morocco I work with, who I asked out but she turned me down because I'm not Muslim continues sending very mixed signals. She says she is a strict Muslim, but I suspect that a lot of her behavior is not very Muslim. Can unmarried Muslim behave like this according to the Koran? If not, please explain.

  1. She constantly grabs and slaps my butt
  2. She often, at least once a day at work grabs or smacks my crotch. She has also grabbed another guy's crotch at work.
  3. She talks about sex A LOT and asks questions about my penis size, shape, etc.
  4. She has a very large chest and will often lean against me while pressing it on me or she will grab my arm so she can lean on it.
  5. She will shake her chest in a provocative manner in front of all us male employees.
  6. She has lifted her blouse to show me her bra, which can barely contain her breasts.
  7. In the changing room she'll change with me in it and take off her blouse and ask me if I like her breasts.
  8. She'll lean against me and grind her butt against my crotch.
  9. A few male coworkers will slap her butt and she lets it happen and laughs it off.

There is more, but this about covers it. I am attracted to her, and also very frustrated with this contradictory behavior. She tells me she won't date me because I am not Muslim, but then she behaves in what I believe is very non Muslim behavior for women.

Please tell me, is she behaving like a proper Muslim woman (which she claims to be)? If yes or no, please explain.

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you mentioned, she is Sunni, LOL, what is the meaning of Sunni first? and if she does like this here faith is going down.

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she isint behaving like Muslims/Sunni, in Islam we dont learn this.

(Dec 04 '12 at 07:42) TeenMuslim ♦ TeenMuslim's gravatar image

If she is doing like what you said then surely she is not real Muslim. And If you love her then marry her. But for this you must accept Islam and become Muslim. As In Islam It is not permissible for a women to marry a non- muslim man, and you know that how strictly she prefer herself as Muslim. So If you really love her then we will welcome you to our religion Islam, the perfect religion. Islam Is Not About, We Are Better Than You.... Islam Is All About ''Let Me Show You Something That Is Better For You...."

why you should join Islam? Click these links to know.. and and

If you further need more clarification, then ask your question here. We are here to help you...

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