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Asslamo a'likum, i have read few books about christianity and there was a mention of their religious habits. They sometimes, before sleeping, thank God for the blessings in that day and ask Him for more. I liked the idea and I know there is better in Islam. But what i wanted to ask is that if I did such thing "thanking Allah before bed time" because I read that christians do so. Does that make me behave like them?. Thanks wa jazakum Allah 5airan

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edited Dec 04 '12 at 06:53

dont you think that this is Islamic way? they do just as we do, and thanking Allah before bed time dosent make you like them as long as you are Muslim.

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Yup, I should have taken it this way... Jazaka Allah 5airan bro

(Dec 04 '12 at 08:29) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image
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